Monday, August 1, 2011

The paintings have arrived

The paintings are up...... not an easy feat in a 17th century Barn , thank goodness the last owner ( an illustrator) left the large board up.

Every time I tried to knock a nail in the wall then loose paint, old filler and bits of stone would fall out, so I decided to use all the old screws nails and picture hooks that had been left behind, so perhaps not the layout I would have ideally liked, but I will get in and see what happens, I may move it all around next week, who knows????

Can you see my ACEO's in a frame in the window, this window is lovely and looks out on a little pond at the back with ducks in. I didn't get any duck visitors today but apparently I am likely to.
Most people don't work there on a Monday, so the centre is closed. but we still had a few visitors which was nice.
So even though I wont be working on a Tuesday normally I will have my first official opening day tomorrow..... and you know what I am looking forward to it x


  1. It looks great what a fantastic building to show off all your amazing work with best wishes for great success

  2. It's looking great already!!

    I particularly like the way you have displayed the ACEOS they look pretty and super stylish


  3. Looking fantastic - well done and good luck on your opening day tomorrow hun xxx

  4. Very impressive & good luck tomorrow!
    Nicky (spiral fountain jewellery)

  5. Im excited for you and hope it goes well, let us know when the ducks arrive

  6. How exciting, have a fab opening day!

  7. Good luck for today. Hope you have lots of visitors and sales. It all looks great.


  8. It looks fabulous! Hope today goes brilliantly for you, hun. :)

    Rosie. xx