Sunday, August 28, 2011

High Days, Holiday, sideboards and disasters!!

Its been one of those Keystone cops days!!
Bank Holiday weekend, Ah I thought, a great opportunity to get Mr Wellydog to do some jobs in the studio. After all ,what better way for him to spend his bank holiday break?

First I needed some furniture. I have been bidding on sideboards on ebay, but keep loosing out on what I want, so in desperation we trundled of to the British Heart Foundation shop. And there it was, the ideal sideboard. It looked ok, not to wide and with cupboards and draw space, to hide my ever increasing pile of junk. It was a bit more than I had wanted to spend but as it was going to charity I thought what the hell, and bought it.
So how do you get a 5ft sideboard in a small C3??? ........ apparently with a lot of hilarity and pushing and shoving. The only problem was, that one of us, couldn't get in the car as well. As I have longer legs and have to have my seat pushed well back, then I got left behind as Mr WD sped off, squashed in in my little brum brum with a thumping great big piece of furniture. Luckily he hadn't had enough just yet, so did return for me a little while later.

So there it was finally in my workshop,.... and you know how one small job leads to another?? well...... I don't know if you can see from the picture below but there was this bit of wood, I inherited in the studio, above where I wanted the sideboard to go, next to the window. Its a pain, as even though I have hung pictures on it, they wobble as it sticks out so much, and with people looking at cards near it now, I was worried they would knock the pictures off. So I said to Mr WD " take that down", ( I did say please, I think) easy I thought, well apparently not!!! When we had unscrewed it ( no mean feat in itself) and lifted it off, then the plaster came with it, just as a couple were walking through the door, and bits flew everwhere!!!!! Nice first impression!

I have learnt in the last few weeks that the walls of an old barn are not easy to deal with. They are either solid rock ( these buildings were made to last)and bend your nails, or they are full of filler and plaster where previous occupants have had the same problem. Luckily it was only a bit of plaster so could be filled easily, but with customers coming in, and dust everywhere, I had to do some quick work. I hung a picture over the missing plaster and swept the place out, while Mr WD went off to get filler to repair it with.

So here it is with my nice new sideboard and a duck hiding a lump of missing plaster!!!
Mr WD had had enough by then and left me to it. So later after everyone had gone, I set to to make a repair. Hopefully it will be dry enough tomorrow and then with a lick of paint I will be sorted and good as new.

Bless him ( Mr WD) when I got home there was a full roast dinner waiting with a nice cold glass if wine, the best way to finish today off I think.

Funny thing is I never sold anything today, I wonder why???


  1. Sounds like an eventful day! At least you got it all sorted in the end, and you got a full roast dinner and wine, so your day ended well!:)

    Better luck on the sales front tomorrow maybe!

  2. The sideboard looks great though!

  3. agree - your shop looks great! x

  4. Very nice indeed. Currently trying to locate something similar for my bathroom. Not easy when my usual suppliers - eg. car boots and charity shops, just refuse to stock what I want. :)

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