Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trying to get back on track

I finally got some of my Mojo back,  I painted the Lighthouse lens below.  I love painting reflections and I think this may be the start of a new obsession,  but only time will tell.  I have very little time at the moment to paint.  
Lessons are still going well,  but I am still lagging behind with my advertising and although my beginners course is starting to get some interest, and some bookings,  I need to do a bit of a push next week.  I do have a bit of a open day on Saturday to celebrate being at the craft Centre a year, I am not expecting loads of people but it will be nice to meet a few of my future students and catch up with a few people who I haven't seen for a while.  Of course its also a good opportunity to have a glass of wine or two.  I am hoping a couple of people who have show interest will come along and maybe sign up.

I have done a step by step slide show of how I Painted the Lens picture on You tube.  Click the screen below and you should be able to see it

 I have also been doing odd bits and pieces as I feel I need some more small items to sell in the studio,  I think the more variety the better

So here are my new additions.  Notebooks that I have handmade and covered with light card printed with some of my pictures.  I will also be listing them on Folksy so look out for them.

Also some writing sets,  I know these wont be that popular online as,  most people online don't write letters any more,  but I am hoping they will make good gifts sets and also appeal to my older visitors. at the centre

Well sorry its not a massive catch up,  but hopefully things should ease soon and I will b able to get back to blogging more often

Monday, July 30, 2012

I don't know why but I have been thinking of our lovely Wellydog a lot recently.  I think its a lot to do with our new addition Fin,  but it was not helped when sorting out my computer I came across this that my Husband wrote just after welly died.

I just had to share it as its a  lovely tribute

Last night the silence was deafening.

You weren't noisy. In fact far from it. But I could always hear you. The re-assuring sounds of you going for a drink, making yourself more comfortable, and of course anything from gentle snoozing to full on snoring!

The house seems so empty. Coming home last night you weren't there to meet us. I will miss that and our deep and meaningful conversations.

The last couple of days have been tough, but the memories of that will fade, and I will remember you as you really were, our ever loyal, loving friend and companion of the last 16 years.

You grew up with our kids. I am sure that you and Chris went through adolescence together.

Every time we got home you were there to greet us. Even if you had been out with us! Though sometimes recently we had to wake you so you knew we were back. You were a people person, always with us, following us round the house. I think some of that may have been your ever hopeful & seemingly empty stomach. I still don’t know how you managed to con all of us into feeding you breakfast so much. Food was important to you, including self service. Be it chicken tikka in the caravan, Ice Cream from the freezer or butter from the fridge.

You liked to dance, always joining in to make a threesome dancing in the kitchen or lounge. You never complained, but boy did you suffer from bad Tourette’s. I don't know where you learnt that kind of language. Certainly not from me.

Perhaps your most endearing quirk was your aversion to water. You hated rain, and rivers and puddles. You loved the beach, but not the sea, and you were right to hide from the hosepipe in the garden.

You were always determined, and gave more and went further then we could ever have expected of you. Coast walks at Tenby spring to mind, as well as showing your much younger cousin Freya a thing or too when walking over Brean Down.

There is so much more to miss or remember. Your ticklish feet; cheese cures all illnesses; begging under the table; pre-washing dishes; getting excited waiting for a take away to arrive; your bid for freedom the day you became an Ashworth; twitchy feet when you slept; chasing cats out of the garden; getting out of the window via the porch room and sat waiting on the lawn just after we moved here.

You touched so many people, and were loved by so many. I miss you so much Welly. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

ipad Art

I was very fortunate to be given an ipad by my lovely husband for my 50th Birthday.  I was cross with him as I had told him, I would have my new glasses for my present,  then I could have what I wanted instead of going for the cheapest as usual.  But I should have know better really and he surprised me with it the day after I got my glasses!!!  I was worried about opening it for ages incase we needed to take it back,  but curiosity got the better of me and so now it is my favourite new toy.

He bought it as I have been a very taken with David Hockney's work, when we visited Salt Mill near Bradford earlier this year. I was stunned by the versatility of what the fabulous Mr Hockney could do, especially with portraits on this little gadget.

Any way I needed an app.  I got for lots of recommendations on twitter and from other ipad users and it basically came down to 2 - either 'Brushes'  or 'Inspire pro'. I really hadn't got a clue but finally decided on brushes, for 3 main reasons
1.  If it was ok for David Hockney it was ok for me.
2. everyone said it  was easy to use
3. I like the idea of play back to see how you painted something for future reference.

So any way here are some of my results.  Not brilliant but great fun,  like finger painting without the mess.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thinking of winter

I have a new banner that I will be putting up at the end of the road leading up to the centre. 
I really do need to do more advertising but  I am so rubbish.  I have a leaflet that is great for me to give out at the studio, even though it has a spelling mistake or two ( yes I really am that bad ),  but its not really any good for anything else.

Don't get me wrong I do advertise.  I  am lucky one of my students put in info whenever she can in a local paper. 
I have a mailing list that includes all the local papers and magazines, parish councils and anyone who has at any time shown an interest.  I do of course give them the option to opt out if they want.

The  thing is I don't want to pay out much money or I should say I don't have the money to pay for much.  Anyway I really need to get on top of it.  I have just started to take bookings for my Autumn classes and if I fill my 2 beginners course then I should have enough money for all my rent through the winter months and it would be great not to worry about it.

Thoughts are turning to winter.  One thing I hadn't anticipated was that my courses would be more popular in the winter rather than the summer.  I suppose it make sense as most people are off in the summer on holiday.
I need to take some time off in January or February and paint the floor and the window,  I also have a big water stain on my ceiling that I could do with covering.  I am trying to con some of my students to help me.  Maybe I can do a deal in exchange for a class or two?
I need also to think of better heating.  When I moved into the new studio in January,  I did what I needed to to get in and sorted,  but the rest had to wait as it had to start paying for itself, very quickly.

I picked up this cute little welcome sign,  I of course customised it in my colours.  I was going to have it for my students to hang their handbags on as I am having problems with tripping over bags during lessons.  They can put them out the back,  I do have a lockable room,  but as all students have access to go to the toilet, then I can understand why they don't watt to leave them out of sight.  But this just isn't man enough for the job,  its only got little fixings,  I think I will look out for  something better.  So I have used it to put a few bags on.  I am trying to decide whether to put more on or keep them in the bags on the bookcase.

 I still haven't got my painting mojo back, so I am still being creative, but in different ways.  I have done my first lino cut in a long time.  I had trouble with the printing but had lots of help from my folksy forum friends and I would like to say a special thankyou to Alison from http://folksy.com/shops/ADEEGAN for her generosity.

So this is the result.  I have been printing away and I am hoping it will be a limited edition of 20 prints.

 I will list them on Folksy  Yes I am back on folksy.  I have been keeping an eye out and listed a few items to check it out and then in a moment of madness, decided to upgrade to the plus account,  so I have to list lots and lots of items, now to make it worth while.

I started listing my cards today. http://folksy.com/shops/Wellydoggallery?shop_section=cards

I don't know how well this will come out but I also did a photo montage of the craft centre barn.  These pieces are all part of en exhibition I will be putting on at the beginning of August to celebrate 1 year at the centre, so I think it will be all ducks and old buildings.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Would you believe it?

.....Its been nearly a year since I opened my first studio at Clevedon craft centre,  I just can't believe it.


I am busy working on some work to exhibit in August, based on my year.  But I am also having a small celebration, so if you fancy popping along, it would be lovely to see you

Sunday, July 1, 2012


You may have already see my Bear bags for sale and read the story behind them,  (http://wellydog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/being-old.html)  so you will be aware that I sell them and donate 20% of the money to the Five sisters Zoo.  This is a very well deserved cause and you can catch up all about them on there website here  http://www.fivesisterszoo.co.uk/

Well they ordered 20 of my bags to see how they sell in the zoo itself,  so if you pay them a visit why not buy one of the bags before you head home.

So the last couple of days has been spent,  printing transfers, labels and ironing like crazy...who knew packing them up would be so time consuming?  but  all worth while and here they all are ready and waiting to send.

I m also sending them the original painting which I believe they are going to raffle off at their next talk.  Lets hope that raises even more money for them.

Next step ...the post office :-(