Friday, August 12, 2011

Studio Day 8 & 9

A bit of a cheat I know but I combined the 2 days as I had a bit of a family drama yesterday and had to shut early. Of course the joy of working for myself was that I didn't have to ask permission from anyone, I just left.

I caught a photo of the baby moorhen today, I don't know how well you will see it on this photo but its soo sweet
Today was a good day I had a few small sales and also learnt that we will be included in the North Somerset food and craft Showcase in September and October. This is a fortnight of food events and activities across the whole North Somerset area. If you are interested you can get details here Food & Craft showcase
I need to move one of my workshops so I don't clash with the showcase, I would like to keep my studio open during the whole event as hopefully it will bring more visitors in.

Also today I have just about finalised all the details ( apart from the date move) for my workshops. Dottie from 'Dot Teas' is brilliant, so now I will now be offering cake in afternoon of the full day workshops. Also people can also order sandwiches from her in the morning ready for lunch, if they don't want to be bothered with bringing a lunch. Check it all out on my website. Book early so you can get the special introductory price.

I also thought I would do the next 'Meet the neighbours'.
I only met Romy for the first time today as she has been on holiday ( lucky her). She and her mum share studio 4b.

She makes fabulous bespoke handbags , you can find her online at
Her studio is much bigger than mine , I am slightly envious as its very light and airy. So she has room for lots of display cases and it all looks brilliant.
Along with her handbags you can see, wedding tiaras, some great seascape paintings and wonderful wool crafts and knitting

I thought I would choose one of my favourite handbags to show you close up, just my colour ...
So when you pop in be sure to visit her and say hi.

Janice x

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