Saturday, August 6, 2011

Studio - day 5

Today I thought I would do a 'Meet the neighbours", section. so lets start with one of the most important people at Clevedon Craft Centre, Dottie from Dot Teas ( get it?). I have to avoiding going over to often as her lemon and blueberry cake is to die for. As you can see she does cream teas and lots of yummy goodies. Her son was there today playing the piano outside which was lovely for people as they sat outside.
She also does Pottery painting for children so is great for them to keep them occupied in the holidays.
So if you do manage to get to visit, make sure you visit Dot Teas.

I had a good day today, even though it was not hugely busy, I sold my first painting. Yay!!! I was so pleased I went and forgot to give the lovely lady her receipt, opps!!
I also finished my Rooftops painting so that is now on my display easel, along with other unframed pictures and if I have the energy I will list it on folksy as well.

Poor Mr WD had to make an emergency visit this morning, to bring me milk. What I had left over from the previous day, had turned overnight, yuck. After all how can you work without a cup of tea?

After some conversations I had over the last few days with various people, I decided I needed a bigger board outside. I also noticed that people with children were reluctant to come in and if they did, they came in separately, so I wanted to put a children welcome sign out.
This called for a Blue Peter moment this morning and I put together these laminated images I printed off last night. It definitely made a difference as I had more families in today.

I am not sure how many people are following, as I can't get my analytics to work properly, but I assume from the comments on folksy and e-mails( thanks Brenda) that a few people are interested, so I will ramble on for a few more days

janice x


  1. I'm loving the blogs, and I'm so happy for you that you've sold your first painting! I love the rooftops painting too, really excellent!

    Wish I was near enough to visit Dot Teas, sounds just my kind of teashop!

    I look forward to further installments and will be following with interest:)

  2. I've been reading every day and I'd love to hear more! More sales, about the customers, the other people there and could you interview the ducks? lol

  3. I have been following your progress too - it's really fantastic that you have a bricks and mortar gallery which is such a rare thing these days! Great news on your sale too!

  4. PLEASE keep rambling ;) I loved this post just as much as the last few, and I am happy for you having sold your first painting.
    Your latest one, the rooftops, has to be one of my favourites, even though I couldn't really say why. All your work is beautiful, and I love every piece you share for various reasons. (turtles? heck yeah!) But those rooftops... it's like Charles Dickens meets Mary Poppins! (can you imagine their offspring??) and really underlines the immense amount of talent you have. The more I see of your art the more I reckon I'll find you one day in "The Independent" Sunday Magazine under "Exhibitions you better not miss or else" (or whatever they call it, I never paid that much attention to their headers) Can't wait, Janice. Say hi to those Moorhens from me, will you?

  5. Although I haven't been commenting much, I have been reading and enjoying your posts!!

    I must admit that I often worry about taking my children into certain shops, Gallerys, etc, although my own 2 are very well behaved I always worry, so I think it is great that you have made it clear on your board that children are welcome!! I'm sure that will increase your footfall and hopefully your sales, especially as its summer holidays and more families are likely to be visiting :-)

    Congratulations on your achievements so far, and I really liking those 'roof tops'. Looking forward to reading your next instalment!!


  6. Keep rambling! I'm loving it :) It is really making want to visit! Well done! :)

  7. Very much enjoying your blog, keep it coming! I hesitate too to bring my little chap into galleries as he is noisy and rather outspoken and likes to "look" with his hands. It's lovely when he gets welcomed as I do think it is an education in itself to look at art in all shapes and sizes.