Monday, September 15, 2014

Exhibition plans

Last week I was sketching with friends,  such a lovely way to pass a a day and I thouroughly enjoyed it and felt very relaxed.

There was sketching at the wonderful Tintern Abbey.  My hubby took some lovely photos, but you will have to pop over to his Facebook page to see them.  He's a bit reluctant so only a couple there so far but I am hoping to convince him to be brave and post loads more.

Before that I was a Clevedon Pier where it was very peaceful until we got invaded by about 40 school children on a school outing

But I have also been doing some leather work.  I made this custom designed Dice cup 

Then I bought some lovely soft leather and made loads of notebooks.  The cup has gone to its new home but the notebooks you can buy from my folksy shop.

 Then I took up the challenge on Facebook to paint this little chap.  I don't really know why as he won't have a home  :-( as I don; know who's cat it is, but I did enjoy the challenge.  So any suggestions as to what to do with him please let me know.

and finally I couldn't resist, I just had to paint some more sea.  This was finished today and is off to  its new home in Cornwall at the weekend

So all in all a very productive week.  

But thats not all...........I have plans,
  I have this week arranged to share a venue for North Somerset Arts week in May 2015,  With the fabulous Wight and Wight 

Sarah makes stunning silver jewellery and also makes lots of other crafts and they are all very very fabulous.

I will update you when we have the venue finalised .  I also have to finalise a venue for my solo exhibition September 2015.  It will be in Cornwall and I have provisionally called it 'Watching the Sea Breathe".  I expect you guessed it might involve paintings from the sea, but just in case there was any doubt I thought I would go for a name thats sums up my obsession for watching the Sea.

Watch this space for more details 

Janice x

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long time no see

Wow-wee its been ages hasn't it??  It was the very beginning of July since my last post,  but I am here now to put that right x

For those who don't know, I lost my Mojo, after my Dads death in January, it had been a hard few years once the dementia took hold and I was so upset when he died but at the same time so pleased he didn't  have to suffer any more, and I have been struggling.  I guess that showed in my lack of ability to painting anymore and  I just couldn't get back on track,  well after a few false starts I am painting again and happy.  I suspect I  will still have some ups and downs but for now things seem to be getting back on track.

So many things have happened to help that,  so where should I begin?

In July  my lovely youngest daughter got married to her partner at Bristol Zoo,  we had an amazing day and everything was just perfect.  They both did a wonderful job of organising it and didn't she look amazing :-)

and as all this was happening, we also bought a holiday Cornwall!
With a some money my Dad had left me and some spectacular financial jiggery pokery from my eldest daughter ( absolutely amazing how she sorted us out) we moved in the week after the wedding :-)

Its been bliss, relaxing, calm peaceful, friendly and felt like home ,the minute we walked through the door.  As you can imagine we have been there loads and I have even been down on my own, with Fin for company. So how could I possibly not paint now!!  

So life at the moment is amazing,  I am very fortunate, I have a fabulous husband and 3 amazing children, who I am so very, very proud of.  So for a while , maybe forever,  I am going to kick back and appreciate them and this wonderful gift my Dad has given me .........

and of course, enjoy painting again 

Janice x