Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tea, Cake and Curiosity!

My mojo has not completely returned but I have started painting again,  This I guess is the most significant step forward and I am quite pleased considering it is in Acrylics.  It felt a bit like painting with treacle after my beloved watercolurs, but it allowed me to just throw it on and see what happened. I also had another motive,  one of my students wanted to work with acrylics and was struggling a bit. I thought I may be able to iron out a few issues, by using them again myself,  I am not sure it helped him,  but it made me feel a bit better.

In my quest to get my painting mojo back I revisited an older love of mine, Stained glass.  Its been a couple of years since I had my glass cutter out,  but I made some suncatchers   which I have to say look lovely in my studio window. 

The handbag was for Romy Williams who has a studio at the centre making handbags. It now hangs proudly in her window and I have a lovely denim and gingham shopper which she gave me in return.

Dot Teas also is displaying my art work,  this one is a painting of the actual tea room  ( I must get a better picture) and we sell cards of it. They are starting to do quite well , and we split the profits,  so another nice string to my bow.

Liz our potter also made my my own Wellydog mug.  I love it so much,I have asked her to make some more with the black welly completely filled in, for me to sell.  I am not sure they will sell, brilliantly well, as they will be a good price as they are hand thrown and painted,  but they will look fab on my shelves, and you never know, wellies might appeal to some people??

We had a small celebration on Jubilee weekend which involved 2 of my very favourite things to do,  Eat cake and drink tea.  It was  a nice relaxing little get together at the end of the day and nice to catch up with people from the centre .  Amazingly as we are all in our own studios, we don't see each other as much as we would like.

The Centre has been quiet, The weather is partly to blame,  who wants to wander round an open centre, in the pouring rain,  when they can do so many other things indoors.  But  I also know visitor number are down everywhere at the moment.  But suprisingly my teaching is doing very well.  My numbers are increasing and I am having to think about people  booking on my drop in sessions, as they are starting to be a bit full.

I have been very frustrated since moving into my new studio,  with the amount of people who get almost to my door,  but never come in.  I have heard a few comments, like,  Oh its a class room...we can't go in (even though I have quite a few signs saying they can)  But I felt I had to do something about it, when I heard from other studio owners that people had commented about the 'meeting room' at the end of the centre?? ( blooming cheek ;-))

I did some research and discovered research that suggested, people are very curious when something is partly hidden from view.  They say if you want people to go somewhere particular , then put a large plant ( or big item) in the way and people can't resisit looking behind it.  So against my better judgement, I moved my bookcase so it blocked the view from the door, into my studio.  Literally as people come round the corner to my studio all they can now see is the  back of an open bookcase with the backs of a few items, and do you know,  its actually works!!!  I would say 90% of all people who get to the door,  now come in, as opposed to about 50% previously. Aren't us human beings a curious lot, or is it we are just plain nosey??