Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Studio Day 2 - a guided tour

I thought I would give you a little guided tour of the Clevedon Craft Centre where my studio is.

As you come through the entrance you can see the barn ahead where my little studio leans on the end off.

Walk over the bridge and look to the right and see the stream that the first barn sits along side. Jeffery the Jewellery maker has all of that little barn with a lovely large workshop.
I have yet to walk past the stream and not see ducks, if you are lucky you will see one of the baby MoorHens, But they are very quick and I couldn't get a photo

I have no idea what the little sentry box if for, it has a little chair in it so I will wait and see if anyone sits in it. As you can see from the sign there is 12 studios

Look by the side Of Studio 1 and you will see Lovely Dotty's Tea room, Yummy homemade cakes, so I will have to avoid them as I am trying to loose weight

Then you get to the barn I am in. The first Studio is Liz the potter. The next one is empty, I would have loved that one, as its bigger and lighter, but the rent is so much higher, so maybe if things go well I could move. Next one is Pat who is a clock repairer. Above the empty studio and Pats little home, is the teaching Room, where they have workshops and lessons, I am hoping to be able to get some workshops up and running so may rent it once in a while. Then there is Studio 11, my little home.

Then you walk past the barn to the next lot of studios. ( The building on the left is part of the holiday cottages) They are in a slightly more modern building. First you have Arnold who does the most amazing leather work. Then Gail the other Artist on site, she works with another artist, but I have yet to meet him
Richard and his wife then have a bead jewellery studio. After that is Tony a furniture restorer , Around the corner is studio 4b , but I haven't been in there as as its not been open since I started, so I may meet them soon.
I thought I would show you Jeffery's very cool little van that is parked outside,

Today I had my first sale only a little book mark but any sale is good. I also had a special little visitor , when a little field mouse walked through my door. Dotty came and saved me from it as I am such a wimp. I have been told I will get toads and that terrifies me as I hate the dam things. If they had told me that before I moved in I probably wouldn't have moved there!!!!


  1. it looks simply perfect! Enjoy the wildlife, toads and all, they could end up being your models! Wishing you all success and have to admit I am a bit jealous! It's good to see where your place is in the setting - looks wonderfully rural x

    cherry tree.

  2. That little blue van is so cute.

    It's wonderful having so much 'nature' on your doorstep (and in your door), even the toads.

    I love toads and frogs, try doing some painting or drawings of them, it may help you to get used to them and maybe lose your fear.

    It's a great place.

    Jan x

  3. Ooh I love the idea of toads and little field mice walking through the door, how inspirational! :) It looks like a lovely place to visit, I'm sure more sales will come rolling through the door very soon :)

  4. Looks absolutely perfect, such a wonderful setting and ideal having the holiday cottages on the same complex. I'm sure the sales will roll in (congrats on your first one btw). Elaine x

  5. what a great place to work each day and amongst others of like minds.
    I adore toads so i would save you from them if i lived closer.