Friday, December 30, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I just thought I would pop by to update about how the new studio is going. There are no photos as its all very top secret.....haha if only it was that important, I just forgot my camera!

Officially I don't move in until the 1st, so have been very lucky to get in early to do some work, but also the landlord has been in doing a couple of jobs to make it ready for me. The hot water boiler has been playing up so he is getting a plumber in to sort it, also he has taken out the large cabinet as I didn't want it. He has boxed in the wires on the back wall and has put some lights outside in the garden area.

The amazing Mr WD has put up my hanging rails and we hung a picture up. I picked the heaviest painting so if its still up in the morning we know its all ok. I bought my tables and they got assembled ok so thats brilliant. I painted my bookcase and started to move things over from my little studio. I think then Mr WD will come with me Monday to move everything else across on as I don't know if the new person will be moving in immediately.

With just a week to go, I am worried about the mayors visit. I am not worried about the organisation, as all plans are in place, but I am having nightmares that there will only be a couple of people there. I think it will be embarrassing as it just to soon after Christmas and people have lots of plans other than coming out to a cold craft centre ( possibly in the rain) and enthusiasm is very low. Anyway there is nothing I can do nothing about it now, I have invited loads of people and the press and so its just fingers crossed now :-(

So thats where we are, I will try and get some photos as it starts to come to together

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Licensing my work

Some of you may already know this as I have been chatting a bit on the Folksy forum about it, but for those of you that don't then I have some news.

Earlier in the year I was approached by an American company who asked if I would be interested in licensing some of my work to them. They make Metal wall hangings that the sell through many major stores including Amazon.

Well after quite a bit of chatting about the agreement I have finally signed and am about to start sending work though, I have no idea how long before I see them in the shops but I suspect it will be quite a few months. Basically I will get a small percentage of the wholesale price of any item that has my work on it. Fingers crossed they come out well, and will go into mass production.

I would like to thank Dave from Gelert Design for sending me a link about licensing artwork, which proved invaluable. Check out his amazing shops

Check them the company I have licensed with

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thankyou and Happy Christmas

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.

You have all be great this year, without your support and encouragement I would not have achieved so much. I have had a brilliant year and so thank you to everyone who has bought from me, commented and given me advice.

Next time you hear from me I should be in my New Studio, so see you there and lets all hope for great 2012 let it be happy and prosperous for you all

Janice xx

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Studio - Logo painting

Thankyou to everyone for your suggestions on how to make my logo larger to fit the wall, I had lots of advice and basically it boiled down to two choices, use an overhead projector or grid up the wall, to try and transfer it.
Both failed, not because they weren't excellent suggestions. Firstly no overhead projector, I did try and find one but nobody seems to use them much any more, 'thats what power point is for' apparently...

Anyway I decided to go for the grid suggestion and so I draw a grid over a printed copy of my logo. I then put the grid on the wall, but the logo was to small, and I couldn't see it well enough to transfer it onto the larger grid, I just couldn't get the right shapes. Doh!!!!! if you are doing this make sure you do a large print.

So rather than be patient ( not my strong point) and waiting until I could print a bigger version. I just rubbed out the grid, measured out the lines for the height of letters and drew it by hand. It took a bit of adjusting, especially matching the two wellies. Also the last letter I drew in was the 'w' which proved to be the hardest, when I had expected it to be easy. Painting it in was easy enough, just a big of neck strain that I will probably notice more in the morning.

So here you go, I will have to go round it one more time in white, to finishing covering some of lines that still show a bit, but otherwise I am quite pleased. What to you think?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Help and suggestions Please

As I described yesterday I go my new logo design from @Noyesdesign and I have decided that I would love to have to painted on the wall of my new studio, but much larger

I could just paint it on ( as I would usually do) but I am worried about accuracy and getting it to look really crisp.

I have thought of maybe making a stencil, but I have not a clue how to do that,

Does anyone know of a clever way to do it???

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New logo

So here is my fabulous new logo. I am soooooo pleased, I can't tell you just how much.

Ben at Noyes Design has brought a new crispness and professionalism to my website, blog and hopefully to my new studio as well. The full logo is below, and he has also kindly done a black version and also a white one which I found today was great for doing a poster for my studio. He also split all the elements down for me which is great for putting in different places, the boots are brilliant for my avatars, and you can see how I used it on my blog. Check it out on my new website too.

I can't thank him enough, he is a talent to look out for in the future, so go and pop over to his website and check him out and bear him in mind for the future, a pleasure to work with. Thanks Ben

So here they all are (opps apart from the white version), now just to get business cards and a banner or sign made up before the 7th January for my opening

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sketchbook project

It's been slow but my sketchbook project has been progressing, Unfortunately with my life getting more and more chaotic then my sketchbook has reflected this......well you will see for yourself .
I know you have seen some of these images before but I thought I would show you the progression

I've been having trouble with my hands and this says,
"if they don't work, I can't create
if I can't create there is no journey....."

Not sure you can read this but that may be a good thing as it was ramblings when I was in my studio and I was cold and my hands had seized and I couldn't draw or paint.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bright lights and new keys

Christmas arrived at Wellydog Gallery this week, I put some star lights outside.

It means I can't completely shut my door and its a bit drafty but its been amazing. Apparently the public like lights, as everyone who has come to the centre, has come into my studio, who knew lights could have that effect??

Also my Knitted nativity saw the light of day. My mother in law knitted it for the children years ago and it hasn't come out for a while as they children are all a bit old for it now, but I think it suits my little studio and everyone seems to agree.
I have also been making decorations, I have been finishing painting the christmas trees today, the large one is going to be a clock for my neighbour Pat the clock repairer.

It been good today as Dot ( from the tea room) has been doing some free pottery painting sessions for the children, ( still on every weekend throughout December), and we have also been running a Santa hunt for the children, that involves them finding a hidden word and little pictures scattered through the centre. They all get a bit of chocolate at the end and there has been a lot of laughter around today, which has been lovely.

I have also been very excited as I got the keys to my new studio, I can't move in yet but am able to get painting in preparation for the big move, which is amazing and very generous of the owners.

So here is the official tour........

Through the door then you can see I have a large 5m wall leading up to the sink and breakfast bar.

Then moving round to the left you can see the doorway at the back to my private area ( more in a minute about that) then further left there are the 2 double door leading to my outside covered garden area.

This has the fabulous mural painted by artist Damien Jefferies for the centre. This area backs onto the stables and has a good view of the horses. It will be great in the summer

Then on the same wall going back down the studio I have the window looking out onto the covered garden.

Round onto the back wall then the owners are leaving this unit for me, If I decide I don't need it then they will take it away, but I will see when I have moved all my stuff in.

then going round a bit more it brings you back along the 4m wall back to the door.

Back to my private area at the back, then you can just peep through and see the storage area just through the door.
This then leads around to the right to my fridge and another storage area. I may move the fridge into the main studio, by the sink but we will see later if that works.

and finally............ to my own indoor toilet, wow, I know its sad but for me and my students, who currently have to brave the cold and the spiders to use the Craft Centre outside loo.....ahh bliss.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Mayor is coming

A couple of weeks ago I sent out some invites to several people to my opening of the new Studio. I then went onto my Council website and e-mailed clerks and administrators of the parish and town councils local to the Centre. I was hoping a couple of people may come and perhaps get a mention in a parish magazine or two, but to my absolute surprise I got a reply from the Weston-super-Mare Town Mayor, who has accepted my invite and will be arriving to help celebrate the opening

So as the shock sinks in (OMG!!) I have now got to take this opening more seriously and make formal arrangements. I have been sent some protocol information and also have to send details of who will meet him and other formalities, so I will need to sort that out and get the information back to them asap.
I had a word with some of my fellow studio owners today and checked who will be around as it will be good to have as many studios open as possible. I want to maximise the opportunities, but am still a bit shell shocked, so any suggestions please, please let me know your ideas as I am feeling a bit out of my depth now.

For any of you who may not have seen it below is the Invite I sent out, I hope it said enough and if you know anyone in who lives near then please sent the invite onto them.

Grand Opening

As from the 1st January 2012, Wellydog Gallery and workshops will be moving to Studio 4b at Clevedon Craft Centre. All future workshops will be in the studio itself. This offers easier access and facilities aimed specifically at Art students, including the free use of a small Art library .

From January 1st, I will be running regular art groups. These will allow people to develop their own work. Or alternatively be set with new challenges, with the support and help from a qualified art tutor.

(inexperienced artists will be advised to attend beginner's and improver's workshops before attending these groups)

These will be every Wednesday afternoon and most, but not all Saturday afternoons.

Exhibitions will be held at least once a year for all my students who wish to enter work

You are invited to a Grand Open Day on

7th January 2012

(11am – 4pm)

You will be able to view the new studio and book sessions at a discounted rate.

(If booked with a deposit before the end of my 1st opening week)

For more information, to book or request a copy of my new timetable and price list

Please either


or ring


Please feel free to pass this on

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sale, cameras and hanging systems

Its a bit of a joke that I am never without my camera, some have even suggested it might actually be glued to my hand. As always it came with me to the gallery today, so it was such a shame when I realised that the battery was still in its charger at home! The picture below therefore had to be taken at home and now of course I must remember to take it back to the studio.
You know my memory is starting to be a bit of a problem and recently when I was talking to my Dad who has early stage dementia, and it really was hard to tell who it was with the problem as he had a better idea of day and date than I did. I must try to concentrate harder.
Anyway I had a productive day and finished my painting, its is not a water colour but a mixed media, it incorporates Gouache and acrylic paint in with my usual watercolour. I really quite enjoyed it, I hadn't originally intended to but I couldn't get the effect I wanted, so I improvised. It did make me remember why the acrylics are not my favourite, they are sticky and just didn't flow as well. But I did come away thinking perhaps I should do a canvas for a change, as I used to enjoy working much bigger.

I was going to list the painting on Folksy as usual, but I am having major problems with listing at the moment and that also means, I wont be able to take advantage of the free listing day tomorrow. So if by any chance you are interested in this painting you will need to contact me direct.

I also started my sale today, both on Folksy and in my studio, a bit premature you might think, and you may well be right, but I have fallen in love....Oh dear I am very sad...with this hanging system for galleries. I thought if I could at least afford to get it on one wall of my new studio, by my opening on the 7th January it would be brilliant, and then I can do the other wall later in the year. But alas as with anything worth having , it is costly.

I have found a cheaper version on amazon, that looks like it will do the job,

So I am selling off the family treasure to try and fund it, ( well my paintings anyway) so there is 25% off on all original paintings on folksy and also a discount in my studio, but not on everything.
Another bonus of course, is there wont be (hopefully ) as much to move at the beginning of next month. ( I like to be optimistic)

My little studio also has a new owner or will do at the beginning of the year. I am sad really but its nice to know it will be used, I met the new girl today and she works with textiles , she seemed very nice. I may have only have been there a few months but I have become very attached to my little studio and I will miss the ducks laughing at me x