Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Studio Ups and downs

I heard this quote this week,

A weak man has doubts before a decision, a strong man has them afterwards.
Karl Kraus

I hope this is true as I am having some doubts now my next lot of rent is due. I leapt into making the desicion to take this studio, with no real planning or thought and even though I have been happy with how it has been going, I have had some ups and downs in the last few day, that just has made me look at the reality of what I have taken on.

One of the ups was when my card delivery arrived today. I am so pleased as they look great, I will try and also get some listed on Folksy tomorrow. I then had a surprise as the other Artists at the centre, came and presented me with a card carousel. It had been passed onto them, by the lady who used to be in my studio and they thought I could use it. Its old but will be great sat on my desk for my new cards, I had put them in a basket before, but a carousel will be much better.

I also finished my beach hut painting, so that will be made into a card on the next card run, along my Christmas cards ( when I get them painted) and the original will be posted of to the lady who requested it.
One of the disappointments was to learn I cant play music in my studio. I had a customer who told me it was illegal unless I had a license . I also had a message from a follow who confirmed this. I am glad I have been told as I don't want to get into any trouble, and the fines are very high. But its all very confusing. As I understand it, under UK copyright law (the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988) licences are required if music is to be played in public. You need 2 licences one from The Performing Rights Society (PRS) and one from the Phonographic Performances Ltd (PPL) . It would costs are £112 a year for both, for a workplace as small as mine. I could play copyright free music but then I would need the permission of the person who recorded it, this would then exempt me from the PRS but I would still have to pay the PPL. All of which is just not worth it, so I will have to use my headphones again.

My second disappointment was to find out my workshops have to change dates. There was a mix up with the bookings and they double booked the room. Its not a major problem, and may work to my advantage. I just hope when I phone the people already booked on them, they will be ok about it. These things happen I suppose, but I am just full of cold and am tired, so could do without the extra work involved.

But that is enough of me feeling sorry for myself. So to finish here is the painting I did today. I don't know if it was my mood, but I just wanted to paint in one colour and that colour was black. I think I may tweek the face tomorrow but I will see in the morning.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bank holiday at the studio

Bank Holiday Monday was a funny day, very quite first thing but gradually built and we had a steady stream of visitors. There was a lot of large family groups, and all they seemed interesting in was chatting to each other. I think they were just after a nice day out with friends and family and so not interested in buying. I suppose it was good that lots of people saw my work, and they picked up cards and flyers, so may be more interested in the future. I had been warned it was never a good day.

I spent a lot of today sorting things out, the wall looks good after my repair yesterday, so I had a re-arrange and put all my junk away and the duck back on his perch. I also put up the bunting we had for our Anniversary party, I am please with how it is looking now.

I started working today on a commission I have been given, I have never done beach huts before. I know there is a problem with angles on the yellow hut in the fore front, but I can put that right tomorrow. It really hard to know what the customer expects when the only brief was beach huts? It may end on the wall yet.

I am starting to really enjoy the people watching aspect of working, while people look at my work. I am constantly amazed that in such a small space' that people think I can;t hear them when they whisper to each other. I had a lady tell a young girls she was with that, she should go home and copy and idea of mine, I also loved it when a man whispered to his wife to look at what I was doing, but not to let me see she was looking, incase they she put me off. And I also had one lady suddenly turn to me and say "How much money do you make?" I just said "enough" and went back to my painting, what a strange thing to say to a compete stranger! Generally people are lovely and positive, I do get people just nip and and then straight out again, but I know it wont be to everyones taste so thats fine.

I bought some chicken eggs today as well can't be bad, free range eggs at work!

And finally.......to all the people who since my last blog have offered to swop or take Mr WD off my hands, thanks for the offers, but I think I will keep him.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

High Days, Holiday, sideboards and disasters!!

Its been one of those Keystone cops days!!
Bank Holiday weekend, Ah I thought, a great opportunity to get Mr Wellydog to do some jobs in the studio. After all ,what better way for him to spend his bank holiday break?

First I needed some furniture. I have been bidding on sideboards on ebay, but keep loosing out on what I want, so in desperation we trundled of to the British Heart Foundation shop. And there it was, the ideal sideboard. It looked ok, not to wide and with cupboards and draw space, to hide my ever increasing pile of junk. It was a bit more than I had wanted to spend but as it was going to charity I thought what the hell, and bought it.
So how do you get a 5ft sideboard in a small C3??? ........ apparently with a lot of hilarity and pushing and shoving. The only problem was, that one of us, couldn't get in the car as well. As I have longer legs and have to have my seat pushed well back, then I got left behind as Mr WD sped off, squashed in in my little brum brum with a thumping great big piece of furniture. Luckily he hadn't had enough just yet, so did return for me a little while later.

So there it was finally in my workshop,.... and you know how one small job leads to another?? well...... I don't know if you can see from the picture below but there was this bit of wood, I inherited in the studio, above where I wanted the sideboard to go, next to the window. Its a pain, as even though I have hung pictures on it, they wobble as it sticks out so much, and with people looking at cards near it now, I was worried they would knock the pictures off. So I said to Mr WD " take that down", ( I did say please, I think) easy I thought, well apparently not!!! When we had unscrewed it ( no mean feat in itself) and lifted it off, then the plaster came with it, just as a couple were walking through the door, and bits flew everwhere!!!!! Nice first impression!

I have learnt in the last few weeks that the walls of an old barn are not easy to deal with. They are either solid rock ( these buildings were made to last)and bend your nails, or they are full of filler and plaster where previous occupants have had the same problem. Luckily it was only a bit of plaster so could be filled easily, but with customers coming in, and dust everywhere, I had to do some quick work. I hung a picture over the missing plaster and swept the place out, while Mr WD went off to get filler to repair it with.

So here it is with my nice new sideboard and a duck hiding a lump of missing plaster!!!
Mr WD had had enough by then and left me to it. So later after everyone had gone, I set to to make a repair. Hopefully it will be dry enough tomorrow and then with a lick of paint I will be sorted and good as new.

Bless him ( Mr WD) when I got home there was a full roast dinner waiting with a nice cold glass if wine, the best way to finish today off I think.

Funny thing is I never sold anything today, I wonder why???

Saturday, August 27, 2011

At the Studio

What a busy couple of days. I had a run on my bags and so have had to order some more to make. I have have had a few bookings on my workshops.

I am so pleased with the how it is all going , Me and Mr Wellydog sat down last night and reviewed the situation and it has surprised both of us, how well it is going for a first month.....I really shouldn't say that as it might jinx it. Its no surprise that the workshops are what is going to pay the bills and the paintings and other bits, are going to be the profit, so I really must make sure the workshops are a success and people want to return.

I decided I needed to do a painting of Clevedon pier as it is what Clevedon is very famous for, so today I buckled down and did one As always I am not sure about a work until I have had a break from it, I will know if I am happy with it tomorrow, when I go back in. If I like it I will make a card out of it, as I think a local scene could be popular.
What do you think?

I also finished a small pebble painting yesterday and framed it, so this is what it looks like on the wall.

I am looking at ideas on how to sell my art work in different ways. Printing it on the bags seems to be quite successful. I did a clock today. I am really pleased with it, as its kind of funky and I had great fun doing it. So I may see about doing some more. in fact I wish I had bought more of these when I saw them as they were a good price. I bet they don't have any left now.

Also Pat my neighbour as been going on about making christmas decorations, I thought perhaps we ought to think about halloween first, so I made this design and he cut it out in plywood and then I painted it. I am not sure it cost effective, as I think to make it worth while we would have to charge about £4 each and I don't think they will sell at that price. But we have made a few and will see. If they don't sell we will just use them to decorate our studios at the end of October.
I have also learnt about some events that the centre will be hosting. In September we will be celebrating 40 years of the craft centre so it will be an evening with us open and they are having an graffiti artist do a mural at the centre. There will be a meet the artists gathering with wine and nibbles. Also in October a craft fair will be taking place outside in the centre so that should bring in a nice lot of visitors. They are also considering taking a selection of work from the centre to a woman's fair but thats not fully decided yet. So its all good and hopefully will improve the amount of visitors.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Studio day 18

What a lovely day I had today, I had a visit from another folkster. The lovely Laura from Laura Faye crafts popped in. I was so excited to meet her, it was great to have someone who had read my blog, tell me that the studio looked better in the flesh. You just have to go and check out her lovely shop here http://www.folksy.com/shops/LauraFaye, she has some great items.

My neighbour Pat, (I will have to introduce him properly sometime soon) asked me to help him make a sign for outside his studio. He just wanted a clock image hanging from the side of the building. He cut it out and I painted it, it finally went up today. Its white with black writing on one side and the reverse on the other. It took a while to paint as it needed to be quite accurate. I was pleased with the results.

I had some money for workshops, come into today, so I have reached my target with a week to go, I am feeling very happy. Long may it continue, I just can't go back to a normal 9-5 Monday to Friday job. Of course at least then I wouldn't have to work bank holiday Mondays !

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Studio day 17 Floods and photos

It was definitely good weather for ducks today. Wow it just bucketed down. The ducks loved it they came waddling out of the river and into the tea room area to get some of those tasty bits and pieces the rain brings up

It rained so much I thought it was going to come into the studio. Not many cars come down past my studio ( access only) but one did and sent a wave all the way up and just into my doorway. If its like that now I dread to think what can happen with constant rain. It clears very quick though , I suppose its just the drain can't cope with so much coming down at once ( fingers crossed)

The photographer from the local paper came at about 3:30pm It was a bit weird as I had to tell him what I wanted and he just sort of mumbled, but the photos looked ok, even though he was reluctant to show me them. It will be in next Wednesdays Somerset Times and goes to hundreds of houses so I am hoping they give me a good write up. They are also going to try and get it in the Weston mercury as I am from Weston. I took everyones advice and wore something I felt comfortable in. I wasn't nervous in the end. I just went into bossy mode and sorted out what I wanted.
I finished my pebbles painting today , no excuse not to, as the I couldn't wander round and chat and watch ducks and horses, because of the rain. I will frame it and get it up tomorrow .

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What a busy day

I just had a phone call and a telephone interview for the biggest paper in the area. They are also sending a photographer out tomorrow.

Now panic is setting in, did I explain myself well and did I ramble to much ( which I am apt to do). And worst of all, what do I wear tomorrow incase they photograph me??


This is my poster , If you think there is anywhere you may be able to put this for me that may help me advertise my workshops I would be very grateful if you would e-mail me for copies

Studio press release

I have no idea how to do a press release but I sent this today to loads of papers, radio stations and local art shop. I will continue to send it out to anyone and everyone I can find, I also need to get a poster done to around in local shops and libraries

Artist Janice Ashworth has just moved into Unit 11 Clevedon Craft Centre. Wellydog Gallery, named after the family’s 17 year old dog, has a variety of watercolour art work, ranging from tiny 2.5 “ x 3.5 “ aceo’s to large framed paintings. These include studies of water, buildings and local scenes. Art cards of the work will also be available soon.

Janice studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England and followed it up by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. She has taught at both Weston College and the City of Bristol College and is now putting her teaching experience to use by setting up Learn to Paint workshops. These will start in September in the teaching room at Clevedon Craft Centre, A special introductory rate is available on the first workshops.

Clevedon Craft Centre will be part of the Made in Somerset celebrations in September and you can meet some of the artists during this time, check out details on the North Somerset Council webpage.

You can visit Janice in her workshop, where you are likely to find her painting, Wednesday to Saturday and Sunday afternoon. or contact her via e-mail Janice.ashworth@btinternet.com or phone 07702 090684

Sunday, August 21, 2011

studio Day 15 & 16

Yesterday I wasn't in my studio, we had a party to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary, I had great fun baking and decorating the cakes ( and lots of other food) and we had a lovely day. The lovely Romy, who I have discovered also has a folksy shop RomyWilliamsHandbags ,
opened it up for me. I left a sign saying to go to her studio with any sales and to leave details if they wanted to be contacted about workshops. Neither of which happened but it was lovely of her to be so helpful.

I also had a e-mail yesterday through my website , booking a place on my October workshop, which was brilliant. Thats my 2nd booking not bad with no advertising. But it reminded me I really have to crack on this week and advertise the workshops. I have been thinking I would do a press release, which sounds all very grand. I thought I would send to all the local papers, radio stations, art groups, art shops and anybody else I can think off. I have no idea how to write one, or what I need to put in it, so any suggestions gratefully received. I also need to do some sort of poster, to put up in Weston and Clevedon.

Today I took my eldest daughter Gemma from Buggalug Bubbles in to the studio with me. She must be my lucky charm as I sold a painting. I have had a good week overall with my folksy sales, so I am well pleased.
Also the lovely Steve from the local printers came in with my card sample, they were very nice, so I will definitely be putting an order with him. The samples were A6 size and I was surprised how nice they looked. I had thought I would go for the larger A5 size, but now I am not so sure. Also I am unsure of what designs I would like, I know I am going to get the duck painting printed but otherwise I have been struggling with my choice. There are so many decisions to make and I have never been good at that.

I thought I would leave you with the new painted I started, as you can see I put the base colours in and have started rendering the actual stones.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Studio Day 14

I framed my duck picture today and I am quite pleased so I put it on the easel. Its not the best photo but shows you what it looks like.
I had a good day today and put my studio back to where it was before I started moving it around yesterday, what a waste of time.
Sales are not fantastic but picking up every week, I am not far off reaching my monthly target. So all is looking good and I am learning more about what I am doing each day.
My next Meet my neighbour is Liz Riley from Love Unlimited Ceramics. You can check out her website here http://www.lizriley.co.uk/

I love seeing her pots outside her studio drying, it certainly shows it is a working group of studios not just a shopping centre. Visitors really can see most of the artists and makers producing their work onsite.
Her work is very colourful and a feast for your eyes when you walk into the studio. I am lusting after one of her cake stands, but that will have to wait until after Christmas. She makes a lovely variety of objects, teapots, oil bottles and clocks among them, all brightly coloured and well worth a visit to see.
You would also meet Sam, who keeps her company as she works, he is so sweet x

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Studio Day 13

Its been an odd day today, I just couldn't settle to anything, it didn't help it was cold and wet. I have got a heater but its still at home as I didn't expect to need it yet.
But the main thing bothering me is I am still struggling with the lay out. I have had my back to the door and although it seems to work, in that people do come in more often, I don't feel comfortable. I have moved everything 3 times today and just can't find a solution. I am a bit at a loss and actually left tonight in a bit of a mess having given up.

On a better note I have had some lovely people in today and a lady said she would come back and buy one of my most expensive paintings, she was only passing by so hadn't bought her bag. Whether she does or not is another thing, but I loved her enthusiasm.

I also had a moment or two of fun when I overheard a conversation between 3 people who were discussing where my painting labeled, 'Cornish Tin mine'. reminded them off. After 10 minutes they decided it reminded them of ...a Cornish Tin Mine....funny that! They did make me chuckle.

Also Steve from the local printers popped in a gave me a good quote for printing my cards, so I will e-mail over some pictures and he will do me some samples. He not only prints and puts them in the cello bags but also delivers them, can't be bad.

Anyway hopefully tomorrow I can solve my re-arranging problems.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Studio Day 12

Back in the studio after a lovely few days celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary.
I have been helping Pat next door, who is a clock repairer, to paint a sign for his studio. Its a wood clock painted with roman numerals. It is white with black numbers on one side and black on the other side with white numbers. A bit technical for me, as all the numbers have to be equally spaced, but I am enjoying it.

I did also finished this duck painting. Considering where I am, I thought it would be appropriate. I also have a local printer coming to see me sometime this week. We are going to discuss making some of my work into cards that I can sell, and I thought this may be a good one to do that with. What do you think? Is it the sort of thing you would buy at a craft centre?

Its full on now to try and get booking for my 1st workshop, I only have 4 weeks so I need to get a move on.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

30 years

On Monday it was me and Mr Wellydog's 30th Wedding anniversary. Everyone keeps saying well done, and what an achievement. But its not...........
.......................30 years of marriage is easy when you are married to someone who loves you, looks after you , is kind, sexy and makes you laugh everyday
Thankyou Steve, Love you x

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Studio Day 11

Just a quick blog today as I went to the cinema straight from the studio.
I forgot to say yesterday I had my 1st workshop booking, I am pleased but worrying that I don't have time to advertise properly and may not reach my minimum number, but I am keeping my finger crossed.
I started painting a large duck today, I think its a mallard??? its like the one below. I hadn't realised they have the blue flash of feathers under their wing.

I think Sunday afternoon is our busiest time, Saturdays is the quietest. I think Saturdays are quiet as people are worried about all the traffic in the M5.

I will leave you with this view of the river.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Studio Day 10

I finished and framed a piece today, its called ripple and I am quite pleased with it. I started a new work but I am not getting on very well, I think I need to find something to do in between works just to rest my brain a bit. I am finding it hard once I finish a piece to move straight to the next one. I need time to prepare, but I do feel I am on show a bit in the studio and that people coming in do expect to see me painting. I am sure that will go in time, well at least I hope it does.

I finalised my workshops today. The first beginners one will now be on the 10th September, so its only 4 weeks away, I really hope I can fill it, in time.
The workshops will be held upstairs in the barn, next to my studio, you can see the sign saying the teaching room. Its going to be great, I am so excited.

Some more wildlife today, the chickens were out by Dots tea rooms, sweet aren't they...... Mmmmm I must ask about egg????
....and my little mouse was back, he came for a visit, I left him alone and he just tootled off later on. I think he is eyeing up the studio for his winter hideaway

Friday, August 12, 2011

Studio Day 8 & 9

A bit of a cheat I know but I combined the 2 days as I had a bit of a family drama yesterday and had to shut early. Of course the joy of working for myself was that I didn't have to ask permission from anyone, I just left.

I caught a photo of the baby moorhen today, I don't know how well you will see it on this photo but its soo sweet
Today was a good day I had a few small sales and also learnt that we will be included in the North Somerset food and craft Showcase in September and October. This is a fortnight of food events and activities across the whole North Somerset area. If you are interested you can get details here Food & Craft showcase
I need to move one of my workshops so I don't clash with the showcase, I would like to keep my studio open during the whole event as hopefully it will bring more visitors in.

Also today I have just about finalised all the details ( apart from the date move) for my workshops. Dottie from 'Dot Teas' is brilliant, so now I will now be offering cake in afternoon of the full day workshops. Also people can also order sandwiches from her in the morning ready for lunch, if they don't want to be bothered with bringing a lunch. Check it all out on my website.
http://janiceashworthwatercolourartist.weebly.com/workshops.html. Book early so you can get the special introductory price.

I also thought I would do the next 'Meet the neighbours'.
I only met Romy for the first time today as she has been on holiday ( lucky her). She and her mum share studio 4b.

She makes fabulous bespoke handbags , you can find her online at http://www.romywilliams.co.uk/index.htm
Her studio is much bigger than mine , I am slightly envious as its very light and airy. So she has room for lots of display cases and it all looks brilliant.
Along with her handbags you can see, wedding tiaras, some great seascape paintings and wonderful wool crafts and knitting

I thought I would choose one of my favourite handbags to show you close up, just my colour ...
So when you pop in be sure to visit her and say hi.

Janice x

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Studio day 7

I had a lovely couple of days off, I really needed it as the last few weeks, ever since I saw the studio, have been manic. But I still had the studio on my mind and did a couple of bits and bobs.
I went in this morning to a minor disaster, all the images I had laminated and out on my board outside, had fallen off and curled up, no matter what I did I could get them to stay on and most of the 1st hour this morning I spent chasing them down the pathway! So I got out my acrylics and painted straight onto the board, I am pleased as all day I could here people reading the sign out loud, they would then come in.
Footfall was great today a consistent stream of people all day. I should have been pleased but it meant I didn't get much work done, there really is no pleasing some people is there?? No sales though although I had a few queries about lessons. For those who didn't see yesterday, then these are the workshops I am thinking of running..... http://janiceashworthwatercolourartist.weebly.com/workshops.html

I used the last of my cotton bags and put transfers of my paintings on them, I think they look ok, they got a lot of attention and meant I could put "gifts" on my sign in the hope of getting more people in through the door.
I also decided to give my wellydog adventure colouring in sheet, away. It went down quite well with the few children around today.

I m hoping to do a bit more painting tomorrow, but maybe it will be another busy day

Janice x

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As I haven't been in my studio today I thought I would look into the workshops that I can do, I need to confirm availability of the teaching room and cost and then hopefully I am ready to go.

Take a look at my website and let me know what you think?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Studio - is this a good idea??

I have just made a colouring page for children coming to my workshop. I don't have the room for them to do it in my studio, but I was thinking they could take it home, colour it in and then post it to a flickr page I have set up, for everyone to see and wellydog to comment on.

I thought maybe it would be a good idea if I did a new adventure for wellydog every few weeks.
Below is the 1st adventure , sorry it a very bad photo.
I was really happy about the idea but now wondering about if it, what do you think? Also would it be acceptable to ask for a 10p contribution to the cost of copying it or should I just give them away????

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Studio day 6

I had a request from Susan at DiomoGlassGifts , who asked for an interview with the ducks. I'm afraid they were totally un-cooperative, they just quacked and splashed and just wouldn't answer any of my questions, sorry! But I did go to have a chat with the ponies at the back of my studio, they seemed a bit busy so I didn't want to disturb them.

Today was a good day for the ducks but not such a good one for me. I arrived at 2pm in glorious sunshine, then after a while decided to have a walk out with my camera. But I ended up in Dots Teas to get away from the rain. I couldn't get back out as it just bucketed down, so in the end I made a dash for it and ended up soaked. I had to sit for the rest of the afternoon with no shoes on and I got a wee bit cold. Probably not the best impression for any potential customers.

The rain didn't mean I got no visitors and met some lovely people, including a lady who would love to do what I am doing with her pottery, She said she may follow my blog, so if you have, hello and welcome x.

I did however have my 1st horrible customer, a 7/8 year old boy who came in on his own. He looked around and then told me I was rubbish and he could do better, haha serves me right for putting the sign out saying children welcome!

I forgot to say yesterday I had another query about lessons and workshops, The lady in question had tried watercolours and had been on some workshops, but had not had fantastic experiences. She was kind enough to e-mail me today with her details and said "It was nice to meet you – you inspired me to have another go!" , which I was chuffed with. Its has now spurred me on to get the teaching room booked and some sessions and workshops advertised. I have my teaching qualification I may as well use it, especially as I will need the income for the winer months.
I also had 6 people in my studio at once, it was very cosy but also lovely. I did tell you it was very small, didn't I?

The lovely Brenda from GweddusArt suggested I put loose art work in a basket, so thats what I did today, all I need now is to find a reasonable priced supplier for the large cello bags to put more work in, that way I can have more on display for people to browse through.

I shut on a Monday and Tuesday, and to be honest need a bit of a rest. Greg in one of the other studios suggested I put some work into a local open Art exhibition, so I will, spend tomorrow sorting that out and seeing if it worth it. I love being somewhere where people help each other x

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Studio - day 5

Today I thought I would do a 'Meet the neighbours", section. so lets start with one of the most important people at Clevedon Craft Centre, Dottie from Dot Teas ( get it?). I have to avoiding going over to often as her lemon and blueberry cake is to die for. As you can see she does cream teas and lots of yummy goodies. Her son was there today playing the piano outside which was lovely for people as they sat outside.
She also does Pottery painting for children so is great for them to keep them occupied in the holidays.
So if you do manage to get to visit, make sure you visit Dot Teas.

I had a good day today, even though it was not hugely busy, I sold my first painting. Yay!!! I was so pleased I went and forgot to give the lovely lady her receipt, opps!!
I also finished my Rooftops painting so that is now on my display easel, along with other unframed pictures and if I have the energy I will list it on folksy as well.

Poor Mr WD had to make an emergency visit this morning, to bring me milk. What I had left over from the previous day, had turned overnight, yuck. After all how can you work without a cup of tea?

After some conversations I had over the last few days with various people, I decided I needed a bigger board outside. I also noticed that people with children were reluctant to come in and if they did, they came in separately, so I wanted to put a children welcome sign out.
This called for a Blue Peter moment this morning and I put together these laminated images I printed off last night. It definitely made a difference as I had more families in today.

I am not sure how many people are following, as I can't get my analytics to work properly, but I assume from the comments on folksy and e-mails( thanks Brenda) that a few people are interested, so I will ramble on for a few more days

janice x