Friday, November 25, 2016

End of a project

I am now coming to the end of a year long project to produce an artwork for everyday of 2016.
For those of you who follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will have seen these on a daily basis. But for those of you not on those social media paltforms,  I thought I would show you some of the highlights. Some days its been just a few squiggles or a line drawing, but others have lead to lovely new styles of working that I am looking forward next year to developing. I am particularly pleased with the pen and watercolour style that has come about 

but also this watercolour animal paintings that I then draw on cartoon flowers and plants.  These have been popular and I have also been  commissioned to do pets and on one occasions someones horse. 
Painting on feathers has been popular two and this Macaw on a Macaw feather has just found a new home across the channel

 I have found a delight in needle felting. This picture of boats was a slight cheat as it took me three of my days to complete

and here are just a few more.  You can see all of them here .

or check out my Instagram page

Monday, March 21, 2016

Wow what a 6 months

I am embarrassed at how I haven't written a blog for a while. But we have been busy, yes Busy!

We left Heartlands earlier than expected after an agreement with the management was reached. Then in November we moved into our new tiny shop in Hayle,  yes it really is tiny. For those of you who have followed me from the beginning and came to see me in my first studio at Clevedon Craft Centre, then it's not much bigger than that.  It is beautiful, it's on a main road, but opposite that road, is Hayle harbour.  If we look down the river we can see St Ives in the distance.

And business?  Well it's been good. December we were not prepared for at all as we had just opened our doors, but what an amazing response. We took a hearty amount of time off in January, as the stress of the previous year had caught up.  But among all that stress then we had the amazing arrival of our first grandchild. A beautiful , yes I am biased, baby girl called Mia. So January and February as expected where quiet, but not as quiet as at Heatlands! And now it's building again and thinks are looking up,  things are looking great in fact.

We have new jewellery designs a great new range from our good friends at Wight and Wight and Commissions on the go. We have been made to feel very welcome, not just by the locals but also by the local traders.

We have opened an online shop with Etsy recently as our plans to do our own have been put on the back burner due to time restraints.

Sorry this is not the best update but I am just about to go and open the shop and Mr Wellydog  is off to do a radio course as he has been volunteering at the coast watch at Cape Cornwall.

I promise I will do a proper update with picture and all very soon

Janice x