Sunday, August 7, 2011

Studio day 6

I had a request from Susan at DiomoGlassGifts , who asked for an interview with the ducks. I'm afraid they were totally un-cooperative, they just quacked and splashed and just wouldn't answer any of my questions, sorry! But I did go to have a chat with the ponies at the back of my studio, they seemed a bit busy so I didn't want to disturb them.

Today was a good day for the ducks but not such a good one for me. I arrived at 2pm in glorious sunshine, then after a while decided to have a walk out with my camera. But I ended up in Dots Teas to get away from the rain. I couldn't get back out as it just bucketed down, so in the end I made a dash for it and ended up soaked. I had to sit for the rest of the afternoon with no shoes on and I got a wee bit cold. Probably not the best impression for any potential customers.

The rain didn't mean I got no visitors and met some lovely people, including a lady who would love to do what I am doing with her pottery, She said she may follow my blog, so if you have, hello and welcome x.

I did however have my 1st horrible customer, a 7/8 year old boy who came in on his own. He looked around and then told me I was rubbish and he could do better, haha serves me right for putting the sign out saying children welcome!

I forgot to say yesterday I had another query about lessons and workshops, The lady in question had tried watercolours and had been on some workshops, but had not had fantastic experiences. She was kind enough to e-mail me today with her details and said "It was nice to meet you – you inspired me to have another go!" , which I was chuffed with. Its has now spurred me on to get the teaching room booked and some sessions and workshops advertised. I have my teaching qualification I may as well use it, especially as I will need the income for the winer months.
I also had 6 people in my studio at once, it was very cosy but also lovely. I did tell you it was very small, didn't I?

The lovely Brenda from GweddusArt suggested I put loose art work in a basket, so thats what I did today, all I need now is to find a reasonable priced supplier for the large cello bags to put more work in, that way I can have more on display for people to browse through.

I shut on a Monday and Tuesday, and to be honest need a bit of a rest. Greg in one of the other studios suggested I put some work into a local open Art exhibition, so I will, spend tomorrow sorting that out and seeing if it worth it. I love being somewhere where people help each other x


  1. It all sounds cosy and supportive, lucky you! Shame about the ducks but I bet they would say they could do better!!

  2. What a horrible little boy! Don't worry, in a couple of years, he will be covered in spots, and afraid to talk to girls ;) Still if the opinion of an 8 year old, is the only negative one you have had, you are clearly doing something right :) Always awkward when a child is like that though, there are an abundance of things you 'could' say, but you know you shouldn't :) Sounds like things are going well, and that there is a brilliant atmosphere, I'm a little envious, in a nice encouraging way, not a horrid little boy way :) All the best with teaching, sounds great. xx