Saturday, January 22, 2011


Me and Mr Wellydog just sat down and read all the entries to my giveaway, and after much deliberation we have decided the winner is


her answers were

1. What Disney Character are you like and why?
I would have to be WallE, the little cleaning robot, the last thing on earth, trying desperately to be cheerful, think the best and keep things tidy, and leaving a huge messy pile everywhere, but still happy and hoping for the best.

2. If you had an Alien visitor where would you take them to for a day trip?
Alien, I would take them to see my Mummy, she'd confuse the heck out of them, pour copious amounts of tea into them, feed them at every opportunity and ask them every question concievable, we'd have the answers about life, the universe and everything by the time she had finished.

3 What else could the initials ACEO stand for?
All Creation Echos Originality.

I love WallE and could see Natalie, clearing up everywhere, but what really swung it was both me and MrWD love the idea of her Mummy confusing any alien race that would visit us. We both think she sounds amazing!!!

Congratulations Natalie and I will contact you soon.

Thankyou everyone that entered you were all amazing, you cheered me up and gave me a tough time in choosing an overall winner

Friday, January 14, 2011

ACEO Giveaway

I thought it was about time I did a giveaway for one of my ACEO's the winner will be able to pick any one of their choice from my shop.

Check out my current ACEO's in my folksy shop buy clicking here

All you have to do is answer the following 3 questions and the one that I like the best will win. Leave you answers as comments or if you are unable to comment e-mail me at and I will add them in for all to see.

1. What Disney Character are you like and why?

2. If you had an Alien visitor where would you take them to for a day trip?

and finally.

3 What else could the initials ACEO stand for?

Good luck!!! Make me laugh and I will pick a winner a week today (21st Jan) at 10pm

Thursday, January 13, 2011


2010 was a difficult year for me, nothing tragic or awful just difficult,
but it ended unsurprisingly with me being ill, bad cold/flu followed by labyrinthitis. I was stuck at home not allowed to drive and couldn't do
much without feeling sick and spaced out.
Anyway there I was, checking out the folksy forum, and saw a chat by
Brenda ( teabreaks) about ACEOs.and as I had nothing else to do I
decided to have a go. I have blogged about my venture into them before
so I wont repeat myself. But something strange happened.
I rediscovered painting. I know that sounds all arty farty but I really
When I was young I was quite ill, I missed a lot of school and spent
a lot of time on my own. So I used to draw and paint to pass the time
and Iloved it, it was my saving grace. I wanted to go to Art school but my
mothers death, bad school grades and meeting my future
husband all led me down a different path.
I don't regret that one bit especially as in my late 30's I went to a mother
and child art class with my daughter at school.The tutor was amazing
and set me up to go to the local college and I ended up doing an Art
foundation course and then on do a fine Art degree at UWE,
which I got just as I turned 40. Not bad for a high school drop out.
It was amazing, but as with a lot of fine art classes you explore your
own experiences to produce your art.Without going into too many details,
this led to me going down a very feminist route. For any of you have
studied Feminist Art history ( not many of you no doubt) then you will
know it rejects ( or at least did ) painting. This is a lots of theory about
painting being a male dominated as in 'Old Masters' process. Just as I was finishing
my degree, I discovered a fantastic artist called Jenny Saville a feminist
artist that painted and I wanted to start exploring
the medium again, but it was to late.
( you can read my dissertation about her here )
So years of just dabbling now and again and then taking up making
tiaras and then jewellery making, I have been brought full circle and
have rediscovered my first love. What a funny
world it is!!
I wasn't going to make a News years resolution this year but I think
if I have one now it is tocontinue to paint and to embrace my love of it x