Sunday, July 31, 2011

Got the Keys what????

So here is my little pig shed....

The sign is finally up, but not an easy process given the thickness of the walls and the fact we couldn't make a dent in them with the drill we had, so had to use existing holes to hang it from with a chain, that I found under the sink!!!!
After lots of spider evictions, painting of walls and moving the kettle and tea in ( we forgot the milk so couldn't christen it!) We managed to get my desk and chair in.
Next step is to the hang the art work ......... Oh and Calm Down !!!!

Loving my new little home x


  1. How exciting!! Love the sign, it's just perfect. I look forward to the next blog with all the pictures hung up. Have fun!:)

  2. Very exciting, so chuffed for you. Looks lovely, your very own little corner.
    I too look forward to the artwork.

    Lynda x

  3. It looks immensely beautiful, spiders and all. I am so happy for you, what agreat thing to achieve! The tree shades the sign perfectly, it looks like a wee slice of heaven. GO FOR IT!!

  4. Oh i would love it too, so cosy. How great to have your own premises. I hope you get lots of customers

  5. Lovely Janice. It looks beautiful and perfect for your work.


    Good luck

  6. Brilliant I hope you will have great success!

  7. Hh what a cute little galley, I wish you much success. Michele x

  8. It looks beautiful. What a lovely place to work. Wishing you lots of success.

    Marie xx

  9. It looks lovely, just perfect!

  10. it looks charming! keep us posted and good luck x

    cherry tree x