Thursday, August 18, 2011

Studio Day 13

Its been an odd day today, I just couldn't settle to anything, it didn't help it was cold and wet. I have got a heater but its still at home as I didn't expect to need it yet.
But the main thing bothering me is I am still struggling with the lay out. I have had my back to the door and although it seems to work, in that people do come in more often, I don't feel comfortable. I have moved everything 3 times today and just can't find a solution. I am a bit at a loss and actually left tonight in a bit of a mess having given up.

On a better note I have had some lovely people in today and a lady said she would come back and buy one of my most expensive paintings, she was only passing by so hadn't bought her bag. Whether she does or not is another thing, but I loved her enthusiasm.

I also had a moment or two of fun when I overheard a conversation between 3 people who were discussing where my painting labeled, 'Cornish Tin mine'. reminded them off. After 10 minutes they decided it reminded them of ...a Cornish Tin Mine....funny that! They did make me chuckle.

Also Steve from the local printers popped in a gave me a good quote for printing my cards, so I will e-mail over some pictures and he will do me some samples. He not only prints and puts them in the cello bags but also delivers them, can't be bad.

Anyway hopefully tomorrow I can solve my re-arranging problems.


  1. Lovely to here about your days at the studio, shame you can't find the right layout.

    Its probably one of those things that will just be right when its right! Hopefully anyway.

    You will have to keep up posted when you have the cards done, If there's one of the duck I'm a definite, i just love that painting! :)

    Kelly x

  2. I'm having a card of the duck too please Janice, so you've got a queue forming here!lol

    Hope you get your layout sorted soon, it's bound to take some time to get properly set up.

    Hope your enthusiastic lady comes back to buy your painting!