Monday, September 2, 2013

Student exhibition and continuing through

Sorry its been such a long time since I chatted to you.... busy, busy , busy

So at long last, after a year of hard work the students got to exhibit their work.  Not only does it give them more confidence and in most cases their first experience of putting their work on display, but it is also a great show case for my teaching workshops.

We also have been raising funds for the RNLI and I donated this painting to the cause.  We are pleased as we are over £70 to date and hopefully a bit more to come in by the end of the exhibition on the 25th September.

On Saturday the 24th August we had a private view where the students could bring family and friends along to see the work on display

It was a successful evening and we even had cake........  iced by my own fair hands.......

This is one of my ladies displaying her work for the very first time,  she seemed thrilled.

some more students show off their talents ...

.....Cheeky monkeys

Here is a rare shot of me cutting the cake,  with my new short haircut.  Which I needed as I sweated with blood sweat and tears over the next works...

Well it was very hot at times this summer :-)

I am particularly proud of the one below as its how I have wanted my work to go for a while.  I am particularly enjoying this journey.......

 and I have another painting on the go.....  watch this space  or see previews of it on my facebook page

 Catch you soon

j x