Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Studio Day 12

Back in the studio after a lovely few days celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary.
I have been helping Pat next door, who is a clock repairer, to paint a sign for his studio. Its a wood clock painted with roman numerals. It is white with black numbers on one side and black on the other side with white numbers. A bit technical for me, as all the numbers have to be equally spaced, but I am enjoying it.

I did also finished this duck painting. Considering where I am, I thought it would be appropriate. I also have a local printer coming to see me sometime this week. We are going to discuss making some of my work into cards that I can sell, and I thought this may be a good one to do that with. What do you think? Is it the sort of thing you would buy at a craft centre?

Its full on now to try and get booking for my 1st workshop, I only have 4 weeks so I need to get a move on.


  1. Love the duck painting, it's wonderful! I think the idea of having cards with your work on them is great, an affordable way to own some of your lovely work and not need somewhere to hang it!

    It's exactly the kind of thing I'd buy if I went to a gallery and loved the paintings but didn't have space for the real things! Would you be selling some of these cards on Folksy too? Hope so!:)

  2. I think that's a great idea and just the thing I would buy too. I think the duck one is fab, a collection would be nice with all your water ones too so people might buy a couple? Di x (adien)

  3. Yeah, I would certainly buy your art as cards for special occasions! I think It's a wonderful idea, and your paintings are so much more beautiful than many of those rather cheap- looking "art cards" you find out there. That gorgeous duck, for example, would fly straight to Germany to put a smile on my Mums' face, she's love it to bits. Maybe almost as much as I do :) Janice, have you considered making calendars? I don't know if this is a viable idea, but if you could shoulder the cost of some of those credit card- sized numbers people keep in their wallets to give away, it'd be a great little giveaway around the end of the year to get your art (and name!) into your customers' pockets ;)

  4. I hope you'll be selling your duck painting on Folksy, it's really lovely.

  5. Love the painting. I'd give it space on my wall.

  6. Thanks for all you lovely comments, Lisbonlioness, I have thought of calendars I will have to check costings but not sure I will be able to do it this year :-(