Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Studio day 17 Floods and photos

It was definitely good weather for ducks today. Wow it just bucketed down. The ducks loved it they came waddling out of the river and into the tea room area to get some of those tasty bits and pieces the rain brings up

It rained so much I thought it was going to come into the studio. Not many cars come down past my studio ( access only) but one did and sent a wave all the way up and just into my doorway. If its like that now I dread to think what can happen with constant rain. It clears very quick though , I suppose its just the drain can't cope with so much coming down at once ( fingers crossed)

The photographer from the local paper came at about 3:30pm It was a bit weird as I had to tell him what I wanted and he just sort of mumbled, but the photos looked ok, even though he was reluctant to show me them. It will be in next Wednesdays Somerset Times and goes to hundreds of houses so I am hoping they give me a good write up. They are also going to try and get it in the Weston mercury as I am from Weston. I took everyones advice and wore something I felt comfortable in. I wasn't nervous in the end. I just went into bossy mode and sorted out what I wanted.
I finished my pebbles painting today , no excuse not to, as the I couldn't wander round and chat and watch ducks and horses, because of the rain. I will frame it and get it up tomorrow .


  1. The pebbles are gorgeous! Maybe it would be a good idea to keep a sandbag handy for your doorway? The rain does seem to be a bit all-or-nothing these days!

  2. So pleased for you that it went well with the photographer!

    Your pebbles are amazing! Agree you need sandbags by the look of it!lol

  3. I'm glad it all went well,despite the rain, I'm with the others with the sandbags, you haven't got much of a step on that doorway. The pebbles look brilliant.

    Jan x

  4. ooh, I love your pebbles painting. Maybe you need a little inflatable dinghy at the ready to get down the lane!

  5. Got to love the ducks! And I love the pebbles painting - I can feel myself being drawn into it. So glad everything was fine with the local paper / photographer. But how about some waders? lol

  6. Great ideas, so added to my shopping list is , sandbags, inflatable boat and waders..... I think I will need them all x