Saturday, August 13, 2011

Studio Day 10

I finished and framed a piece today, its called ripple and I am quite pleased with it. I started a new work but I am not getting on very well, I think I need to find something to do in between works just to rest my brain a bit. I am finding it hard once I finish a piece to move straight to the next one. I need time to prepare, but I do feel I am on show a bit in the studio and that people coming in do expect to see me painting. I am sure that will go in time, well at least I hope it does.

I finalised my workshops today. The first beginners one will now be on the 10th September, so its only 4 weeks away, I really hope I can fill it, in time.
The workshops will be held upstairs in the barn, next to my studio, you can see the sign saying the teaching room. Its going to be great, I am so excited.

Some more wildlife today, the chickens were out by Dots tea rooms, sweet aren't they...... Mmmmm I must ask about egg????
....and my little mouse was back, he came for a visit, I left him alone and he just tootled off later on. I think he is eyeing up the studio for his winter hideaway


  1. You'll have to think of an 'in between' task. Anything you can frame or prepare or reorganise? Say hello to the chickens and Mr Mouse for me! lol

  2. I can have a bit of a potter, i think I may also take in some accounts to do not that its any fun . I will say hi to Mr Mouse haha

  3. It all looks great. I'd love to have some chickens around the place. I know it's been a lot of work but aren't you thrilled it's all taking shape? It's exciting!

  4. Baban Cat, yes I am very pleased and still very excited, I still pinch myself every morning and think, I HAVE to make this work, as I coudn't go back to a 'real' job now

  5. I Enjoy reading about everything that is going on at the Studio

    I think a 'welly cat' might need to accompany you to the studio though, to keep an eye on Mr Mouse :-D

    Good Luck with the workshops!!


  6. I think if you are needing something to do between painting, it is a clear sign that you should go visit the tea room! ;)

  7. Janice, if you have it in you, try and feed the little mouse. I believe it's a sign of good luck that the little fellow wants to stay with you, and he/ she will need all the resources available for a long, cold winter. I envy you so much, what a wonderful little corner of paradise you have found for yourself! Yeah, get some free range eggs if you can, there's nothing quite like it. And to thank the chickens for their hard work, you could teach how to paint a chicken in your first workshop (which I would SO love to attend)!