Monday, June 23, 2014

Normal service not yet resumed

Still no painting but Wow what a busy few weeks I have had.  Some of you may know that my youngest daughter is getting married very soon.  So we have had some adventures, especially the Hen party!!!  The theme was Barbie so I decided to go as Artist Barbie.  I am sure you can see the resemblance.

Unfortunatley my daughter didn't and she thought I looked like Claude from the Raggy dolls.  I will leave you to decide which I looked like for yourselves, but I think she may actually have a point!!! ??

These are my two fabulous and beautiful daughters ,  One went as 60's barbie and the other as Bride Barbie,  I wonder if you can tell who was who?  haha

On the creative front I have been having a go at my first ever quilt.  I have dabbled a bit before but I have been rather slap dash so  I haven't got very far,  but I have spent a long time researching quilt making and so have taken it all a bit more seriously this time.

These are the blocks I have made up,  I have yet to put them together,  I am just sorting out the order and then I will attach them all together,

 If you look closely you may be able to see a seaside theme in the patterns I have chosen,  there is a reason for this,  but thats something I will tell you about another day.

In doing research I picked up a few tips,  I use a bit of masking tape in my machine to be able to keep my 1/4 inch seam allowance as accurate as possible.

Also setting up the ironing board next to my machine was also a huge time saver when making up the blocks, as every seam had to be pressed.

I can see why quilts are so expensive having not had any spare material I had to buy it all in.   I did find a wonderful quilting shop in somerset, called Midsummers Quilts and they had a huge supply of materials,  I bought the white material as an off cut/end of roll from Dunelm,  so before even buying the wadding or backing material, it has cost me a good £25 and I also invested in a rotary cutter and quilters ruler/guide, but to be honest I think they were essential and hopefully will last if I ever do another one.

so watch this space to see the actual blocking and quilting 

I aslo have a new love of my life............

I am driving everywhere as I just love her!!  maybe the novelty will wear off soon..... but I doubt it :-)

I have been teaching a bit at the Blue room in Nailsea,  but have decided I am not really up to it, and don't feel I am doing the lessons or students justice.  So for the time being I am not going to continue.  I will finish the batch I have signed up for and then I will look again at doing some workshops maybe later in the year.

Janice x