Sunday, August 14, 2011

Studio Day 11

Just a quick blog today as I went to the cinema straight from the studio.
I forgot to say yesterday I had my 1st workshop booking, I am pleased but worrying that I don't have time to advertise properly and may not reach my minimum number, but I am keeping my finger crossed.
I started painting a large duck today, I think its a mallard??? its like the one below. I hadn't realised they have the blue flash of feathers under their wing.

I think Sunday afternoon is our busiest time, Saturdays is the quietest. I think Saturdays are quiet as people are worried about all the traffic in the M5.

I will leave you with this view of the river.

1 comment:

  1. Yes it's a mallard. He might be a young one. The males are just having their full plumage after their summer moult. They spend quite a time looking like ordinary brown, boring lady ducks!Soon they'll have their lovely curled tail feathers.
    Sorry. I know too many boring facts about ducks!!