Sunday, August 21, 2011

studio Day 15 & 16

Yesterday I wasn't in my studio, we had a party to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary, I had great fun baking and decorating the cakes ( and lots of other food) and we had a lovely day. The lovely Romy, who I have discovered also has a folksy shop RomyWilliamsHandbags ,
opened it up for me. I left a sign saying to go to her studio with any sales and to leave details if they wanted to be contacted about workshops. Neither of which happened but it was lovely of her to be so helpful.

I also had a e-mail yesterday through my website , booking a place on my October workshop, which was brilliant. Thats my 2nd booking not bad with no advertising. But it reminded me I really have to crack on this week and advertise the workshops. I have been thinking I would do a press release, which sounds all very grand. I thought I would send to all the local papers, radio stations, art groups, art shops and anybody else I can think off. I have no idea how to write one, or what I need to put in it, so any suggestions gratefully received. I also need to do some sort of poster, to put up in Weston and Clevedon.

Today I took my eldest daughter Gemma from Buggalug Bubbles in to the studio with me. She must be my lucky charm as I sold a painting. I have had a good week overall with my folksy sales, so I am well pleased.
Also the lovely Steve from the local printers came in with my card sample, they were very nice, so I will definitely be putting an order with him. The samples were A6 size and I was surprised how nice they looked. I had thought I would go for the larger A5 size, but now I am not so sure. Also I am unsure of what designs I would like, I know I am going to get the duck painting printed but otherwise I have been struggling with my choice. There are so many decisions to make and I have never been good at that.

I thought I would leave you with the new painted I started, as you can see I put the base colours in and have started rendering the actual stones.


  1. Happy belated Wellyversary!
    That stone painting already amazes me... how the heck do you achieve this depth and photorealistic look? Whow. Big whow.

  2. Happy anniversary!
    It is lovely to see a painting in progress, I love the colours, and being able to see how it builds up! :)

  3. Hope you had a wonderful anniversary, the cakes look delish!

    I love the picture you've started work on, the colours look so beautiful x