Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting back to Normal

Today is virtually the 1st time in 5 weeks I will have spent any amount of time on my own.  It seems very odd.  The poor long suffering Mr Wellydog has not been very well at all and although he went into work briefly after Christmas,  he was soon signed off sick, being very close to having Pneumonia. For one of the fittest men, I have ever know he didn't take to kindly to being at home with nothing to do. In 32 years of marriage this is the 1st time he has take any time off work apart from the odd day here or there.

Unfortunately though his rest was cut short,  My Dad has not been well for quite some time,  he had Vascular dementia and although he had been in a nursing home for 18 months, physically he did very well.  But over Christmas he deteriorated quite quickly,  we knew it was different this time and me and my sister visited more and tried to encourage him to eat and drink,  but it became apparent he was giving up.  On 12th January with me by his side he peacefully died.  Even though you are prepared for the worst when it comes it is still a shock.  Last Wednesday we buried him with my Mum and brother and I am sure he would be happy, he had finally escaped from the nursing home and was back 'home'.  

 When I gave my studio up in December I had thought I would be able to visit my Dad more often but it was not to be.  So here I am, Mr Wellydog has gone back to work and I am wondering what to do with myself?  I am hoping this is just short term and the plans I had when I left my studio will still ultimately come to fruition,  but for now, I think I will just potter a bit and try not to worry to much about what I should or shouldn't be doing.   

So see you around......sometime 

Janice x

Monday, January 6, 2014


Goodness me where did 2013 go?  I didn't get a fraction of the things I wanted to do completed.  So lets plan for 2014.

My first task was to set up an online shop.  Which I have just done.  I have resurrected my Folksy shop.  I know its not the best but I just cant get to grips with etsy and I just need a base to send people to, to shop for my goodies.

Secondly I have been doing a lot of thinking,  and yes my brian does hurt!  I want to exhibit my work this year.  I will approach a couple of suitable galleries and you never know I may get up enough nerve to put in a submission for the RA Summer exhibition.  But my main focus is to put together my own exhibition.  I am not saying it will be a solo one as I have ideas , probably above my station, about including other sea related craft stuff but I am hoping to be the only painter.   My main problem as far as I can see is finding an affordable space.  I want somewhere unusual and not your usual white space, so get you thinking caps on folks, I may need inspiration.

I also need to get some work done to display in studio 11 at Clevedon Craft Centre.  the lovely Sarah and Nigel of Wight and Wight are allowing me some space so I can keep a presence there.  They are so lovely and I adore all the silver and glass work they do.  Please go and check out their studio or their website.

I am also going to get nosey,  I am going to go and see other artists and crafters hopefully in their studios and pick their brains and just generally have a good old fashioned nosey,  so if you fancy a visitor and you are within about a hour of me, let me know and I will pop by.  I promise to do a bit of an interview for my blog in return.

And of course I am going to paint,  lots and lots of lovely painting.

So there are my initial plans,  I have learnt that these will change tremendously in the year ahead but your have got to start somewhere, haven't you?

janice x

Thursday, January 2, 2014

End of an Era

My time at Clevedon Craft Centre is now over.  I have left the building, read all the metres and handed in my keys .......  I am sad,  but I am also relieved.  No more bills to pay,  well not extra ones anyway.  The money was certainly a worry which is why I ended up teaching so often and it would have only got worse as visitor numbers were so low.

I had a blast in many respects and learnt so much but of course it also came with some serious downs.  I am certainly not going to be critical of the centre it has survived for 40 years and I respect the people there but it was no longer suitable for my needs.  And I certainly hope if you are ever passing you will pop in and check out the fantastic crafts that are made there, by some very talented people.  I know I will pop in from time to time.

I had set up a new blog to move forward but I have decided to just carry on with this one, when I started to set up the new one, it was just the same as this one, so it seemed daft. I do have nearly 300 followers so why start again and have to hunt you all down again.

So I shall keep chattering on over here and hope someone is listening

Happy New Year to you all and may all you dreams come true

Janice xxx