Thursday, August 25, 2011

Studio day 18

What a lovely day I had today, I had a visit from another folkster. The lovely Laura from Laura Faye crafts popped in. I was so excited to meet her, it was great to have someone who had read my blog, tell me that the studio looked better in the flesh. You just have to go and check out her lovely shop here, she has some great items.

My neighbour Pat, (I will have to introduce him properly sometime soon) asked me to help him make a sign for outside his studio. He just wanted a clock image hanging from the side of the building. He cut it out and I painted it, it finally went up today. Its white with black writing on one side and the reverse on the other. It took a while to paint as it needed to be quite accurate. I was pleased with the results.

I had some money for workshops, come into today, so I have reached my target with a week to go, I am feeling very happy. Long may it continue, I just can't go back to a normal 9-5 Monday to Friday job. Of course at least then I wouldn't have to work bank holiday Mondays !


  1. I love the clock sign!

    Well done on your workshop success too. It takes guts to try something different so I'm glad it has paid off :)

  2. 25 past 9 for ever and ever ;-) Keep up the good work

  3. John, apparently it is that time, because that was the only time on a clock that didn't hide any major details of a clock. Also check out the 4, it should be IV but its IIII for both symmetry and also something to do with a king with IV after his name. He though it was demeaning to the crown if it was also on a clock!!! You can learn a lot when selling Art !!!

  4. trying again...let's hope my 6th attempt the blog