Thursday, August 1, 2013

2 Years on - my journey so far

On August 1st 2011 I moved into my first Studio at Clevedon Craft centre 

I had no furniture just my old craft desk and a few paintings, 

I hung them on the walls and hoped people would come and look at them 

As time went on I bought new furniture and added to my tiny collection of paintings

I took a few tentative steps into teaching, in the room at the top of the barn. 2 of those first students are still regulars with me now

Someone at the centre left and there was a re-shuffle so I moved into studio 4b...  where I still am today

The bare bones were there but a lot of work ahead 

In January 2013  the Weston-super-Mare town Mayor officially opened my new studio 

And I introduced more regular teaching sessions

 I spent sometime earlier this year trying to attract more people through the door 

and set aside more space for me to paint

and this is where I am today,  a multi million pound business ( if only!) But I doing ok and  most of the time still loving it x

Heres to the next 2 years 

Janice x