Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Studio day 7

I had a lovely couple of days off, I really needed it as the last few weeks, ever since I saw the studio, have been manic. But I still had the studio on my mind and did a couple of bits and bobs.
I went in this morning to a minor disaster, all the images I had laminated and out on my board outside, had fallen off and curled up, no matter what I did I could get them to stay on and most of the 1st hour this morning I spent chasing them down the pathway! So I got out my acrylics and painted straight onto the board, I am pleased as all day I could here people reading the sign out loud, they would then come in.
Footfall was great today a consistent stream of people all day. I should have been pleased but it meant I didn't get much work done, there really is no pleasing some people is there?? No sales though although I had a few queries about lessons. For those who didn't see yesterday, then these are the workshops I am thinking of running.....

I used the last of my cotton bags and put transfers of my paintings on them, I think they look ok, they got a lot of attention and meant I could put "gifts" on my sign in the hope of getting more people in through the door.
I also decided to give my wellydog adventure colouring in sheet, away. It went down quite well with the few children around today.

I m hoping to do a bit more painting tomorrow, but maybe it will be another busy day

Janice x

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