Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Studio Ups and downs

I heard this quote this week,

A weak man has doubts before a decision, a strong man has them afterwards.
Karl Kraus

I hope this is true as I am having some doubts now my next lot of rent is due. I leapt into making the desicion to take this studio, with no real planning or thought and even though I have been happy with how it has been going, I have had some ups and downs in the last few day, that just has made me look at the reality of what I have taken on.

One of the ups was when my card delivery arrived today. I am so pleased as they look great, I will try and also get some listed on Folksy tomorrow. I then had a surprise as the other Artists at the centre, came and presented me with a card carousel. It had been passed onto them, by the lady who used to be in my studio and they thought I could use it. Its old but will be great sat on my desk for my new cards, I had put them in a basket before, but a carousel will be much better.

I also finished my beach hut painting, so that will be made into a card on the next card run, along my Christmas cards ( when I get them painted) and the original will be posted of to the lady who requested it.
One of the disappointments was to learn I cant play music in my studio. I had a customer who told me it was illegal unless I had a license . I also had a message from a follow who confirmed this. I am glad I have been told as I don't want to get into any trouble, and the fines are very high. But its all very confusing. As I understand it, under UK copyright law (the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988) licences are required if music is to be played in public. You need 2 licences one from The Performing Rights Society (PRS) and one from the Phonographic Performances Ltd (PPL) . It would costs are £112 a year for both, for a workplace as small as mine. I could play copyright free music but then I would need the permission of the person who recorded it, this would then exempt me from the PRS but I would still have to pay the PPL. All of which is just not worth it, so I will have to use my headphones again.

My second disappointment was to find out my workshops have to change dates. There was a mix up with the bookings and they double booked the room. Its not a major problem, and may work to my advantage. I just hope when I phone the people already booked on them, they will be ok about it. These things happen I suppose, but I am just full of cold and am tired, so could do without the extra work involved.

But that is enough of me feeling sorry for myself. So to finish here is the painting I did today. I don't know if it was my mood, but I just wanted to paint in one colour and that colour was black. I think I may tweek the face tomorrow but I will see in the morning.


  1. It's beautiful! I love the way you've done the folds of the dress, and I can't see why the face needs tweaking, it looks great to me!

    Hope you get over these disappointments you've had, it's all such a great adventure, you'll need to give it a few months before you find out if it was a good idea or not, and whatever happens, it's surely been a great experience!:)

  2. Maybe you could train the ducks to sing? Ok, no. Maybe a more tuneful little bird, or a clever one that says 'hello' to all your visitors? Take it home and get it to learn songs off the radio then take it back with you to sing all day! (I'm full of bright ideas me!!)

    You'll be fine! Just one of those days!

  3. Keep your chin up, you are doing so well!!! That is a good point about the music, I have heard of the licenses needed before, and various laws, but it is definitely something that wouldn't have occurred to me if I was setting up a studio! Why do things have to be so complicated!! I think you could charge a bit more for your cards too ;) - you have rent to pay remember!!

  4. It's a pain about the music but I do know they are very hot on enforcing it, musicians are artists too and I guess we wouldn't want our artwork to be used without recognition/compensation...

    Definitely charge more for those cards - it's hard to find a nice card for less than £2 these days and yours are worth at least that!

  5. Looking forward to being able to buy some of your cards. I do hope you put the beach hut one on a card too, oh and how about one of your pebble pictures? I'll keep an eye out on Folksy as I won't be able to visit the studio anytime soon.
    I came into see you at the beginning of August and you were such an inspiration. I've been looking for a suitable work unit for myself since! Keep it up and please keep blogging too.

  6. That's a lovely new painting, really works. I'm desperately trying to think of a recipient for your new duck card too x

  7. SeaJay, sorry I did';t get a chance to speak to you. Hope you find your studio too x
    Thanks everyone for your comments