Friday, August 5, 2011

studio - day 4

As he promised, my son became my first personal visitor, he was quite usefully as being over 6ft he cleared all the spider webs me and Mr Wellydog couldn't reach. He helped me move my desk around and bought me a bacon and sausage butty for lunch, great to have children to look after you in your old age isn't it.
He then had a long chat to the ducks , but wont tell me what he said to them!!!
It was good to have someone to chat to, but I did no work at all this morning, so this afternoon I started a painting of roof tops, that I have wanted to start for a while.

The gentelman artists I hadn't met yet came to see me. He gave me some good advice about displaying work. He said he felt people like to have something to browse through and he had a V shaped rack ( something like this that he put some of his work in, and to be honest the first thing I did when I saw it was start to browse through, so I may have to get something similar, or get Mr WD to knock something together .
He also gave me the name of a local printer who prints art card for a very reasonable price, and told me of an open exhibition in Clevedon that I could submit work to on Monday, which I may just do.

I am grateful to ArtisanLeather who said on the folksy forum that it may be a good idea to put music on suggesting "it can help people feel more relaxed and browse for much longer, if you are happily absorbed in your work, and there is some music playing. Silence is awkward, and too much talking can make people feel pressured, so to have a bit of music at a low volume can be a help"

I had thought about it early on, but I was thinking it was for me as I like music when I work, I was worried about putting it so everyone could here, as most people who know me think its strange that I like to listen to John Barrowman and musicals. So suggestions please as what you think people will like???

I had 3 small sales, its not going to pay the rent, but at least its going in the right direction.
Above is the back of my studio, it looks like its out of another century doesn't it?

Tomorrow of course will be the start of my 1st weekend. I am hoping more people will come to browse, and maybe venture through my door. x

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  1. Janice, what wouldn't I give to come and visit you in your little corner of paradise! I love reading your posts, I feel like I am part of the adventure and I am more than just a little bit jealous (nicely!). What a wonderful opportunity for you, and your experiences will help others on the way to their own studio/ shop SO much!
    I, too, think that music is a fantastic idea. Something light, maybe with a medieval touch, to suit the location? You know, like Blackmores' Night?
    Keep the posts coming, I love to silently follow you on the journey.