Saturday, August 27, 2011

At the Studio

What a busy couple of days. I had a run on my bags and so have had to order some more to make. I have have had a few bookings on my workshops.

I am so pleased with the how it is all going , Me and Mr Wellydog sat down last night and reviewed the situation and it has surprised both of us, how well it is going for a first month.....I really shouldn't say that as it might jinx it. Its no surprise that the workshops are what is going to pay the bills and the paintings and other bits, are going to be the profit, so I really must make sure the workshops are a success and people want to return.

I decided I needed to do a painting of Clevedon pier as it is what Clevedon is very famous for, so today I buckled down and did one As always I am not sure about a work until I have had a break from it, I will know if I am happy with it tomorrow, when I go back in. If I like it I will make a card out of it, as I think a local scene could be popular.
What do you think?

I also finished a small pebble painting yesterday and framed it, so this is what it looks like on the wall.

I am looking at ideas on how to sell my art work in different ways. Printing it on the bags seems to be quite successful. I did a clock today. I am really pleased with it, as its kind of funky and I had great fun doing it. So I may see about doing some more. in fact I wish I had bought more of these when I saw them as they were a good price. I bet they don't have any left now.

Also Pat my neighbour as been going on about making christmas decorations, I thought perhaps we ought to think about halloween first, so I made this design and he cut it out in plywood and then I painted it. I am not sure it cost effective, as I think to make it worth while we would have to charge about £4 each and I don't think they will sell at that price. But we have made a few and will see. If they don't sell we will just use them to decorate our studios at the end of October.
I have also learnt about some events that the centre will be hosting. In September we will be celebrating 40 years of the craft centre so it will be an evening with us open and they are having an graffiti artist do a mural at the centre. There will be a meet the artists gathering with wine and nibbles. Also in October a craft fair will be taking place outside in the centre so that should bring in a nice lot of visitors. They are also considering taking a selection of work from the centre to a woman's fair but thats not fully decided yet. So its all good and hopefully will improve the amount of visitors.


  1. So happy for you that things are going so well!
    Love the pier painting, and the pebbles, and I think the clock is awesome!

  2. I'm glad things are going well and LOVE the painting :-)

  3. I, too, love the pebbles. And the clock, even though I think I'd prefer it in a more muted colour, but that's personal taste. It's so great to see how you explore your options!!

  4. The colours in the pier painting are lovely, especially the sky. I'm glad things are going well for you.

    Jan :o)