Thursday, August 4, 2011

Studio Day 3

These little chaps came to visit me today, and inspired this little aceo. They had a good old splash around the back of my window, so much so I had to close the window as water was splashing in.

I finished my rope painting yesterday, so I cut a mount and framed it today. I have found the peace and quiet with no distractions has helped me concentrate, and I was surprised I finished it as I thought it would take much longer. So even with no sales ( well I did sell another bookmark again today) It is a joy to work in. I have noticed my paper is a bit damp, at this time of year its not a problem, But I will have to put a heater in when it gets colder I think.

I forgot to tell you yesterday I had a gentelman who is interested in private tuition, so I gave him my details and fingers crossed he gets in touch.
I have learnt a few things in the last 2 days from customers. Firstly I got chatting to a chap who has done some exhibitions and he said he thought I should line my work up in straight lines as he was always told it help draw the eye to the work more. Once he had gone I found myself looking at the chaotic way I had hung the paintings and felt he may have a point. So when I framed the work today to put up, I decided to line things up a bit better and see if it made a difference.
Also I had a lady who commented on how diverse my subject matter was, I looked and thought, but its mostly water,and then I realised that I just hadn't got any order or colour coherence, so when moving things I tried to put subjects together better.

My son is coming to help me out tomorrow ( don't really know what he can do except have a nosey) , so I am going to have to steal a chair from home, so he has somewhere to sit when he comes Maybe he will be my first visitor!

See you tomorrow, I think I will continue for a few more days chatting about my experiences, I hope I don't bore you

Janice x


  1. I'm loving the ducks! You really are very good at doing water. Very realistic.

  2. How lovely to ducks as visitors to your gallery it looks fab fingers crossed for you

  3. Your paintings look beautiful! When I was training to be a teacher, we had a lecture on displaying artwork which suggested straight lines were the best way to draw the eye into the work...I must admit, I've always done this and it is effective. Hope it works for you and your customers - good luck! Liz x