Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What a busy day

I just had a phone call and a telephone interview for the biggest paper in the area. They are also sending a photographer out tomorrow.

Now panic is setting in, did I explain myself well and did I ramble to much ( which I am apt to do). And worst of all, what do I wear tomorrow incase they photograph me??



  1. Good news on the interview, and what if you did a bit of rambling (which you probably didn't) it just shows that you are human :o)
    Wear something you are comfy in but stay away from stripes.
    Good luck

    Jan x

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  3. Wear a big smile! Well done and good luck!

  4. Wow how amazing is that?!! You'll be absolutely fine, I know you will! x

  5. Congratulations that's brill. Please let us know how it goes x

  6. Hi Janice, I have just found you via a comment you left on my blog. I wish I lived nearer, I would love to join your art classes - I can draw, but hopeless at painting. And to teach in Clevedon! We holidayed there years ago, I loved it's pretty little pier.

    Good luck with your interview, I'm sure you will look lovely and be brilliant!