Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back from break and looking to the future

I am getting worse and worse at this blogging lark! How long since I last spoke to you???

Our lives are very hectic at the moment, but we did manage to get away for a couple of weeks which was bliss.  It wasn't as relaxing as we had hoped for as my Dad was seriously ill the few weeks before we went.  I doubted we would be able to go at all.  But in the few days leading up to us leaving then,  he made a good recovery and so I decided to go. I worried the whole time about him so it took a while for me to settle.  My sister was  ( as always ) brilliant and kept me updated all the time.  But a break is a break and it was as always, beautiful in Cornwall.

The Day before we went,  Our family  did a Sponsored walk for the Alzheimer's Society,  a charity close to my heart at the moment.  We had fun ( even if it did feel like it was longer than 10K) and raised a lot of money for this worthwhile cause.

We stayed in Coverack,  on the Lizard peninsular. We were made to feel so welcome, both by locals and other visitors.  But it did get us to thinking,  we met and spoke to more people in the 2 weeks we were away than we see in our home town of Weston-super-Mare in a year. I know part of that is because we are both so busy,  but just generally Weston seemed positively unfriendly compared to the Cornish welcome.

Coverack as you can see in the photo above is a beautiful village with a little harbour.  We have been there a few time before .  But staying there we realised it also holds a bit of a secret, a sculpture park.  It doesn't seem to be advertised a lot, but the locals let you know about it and in our case actually walked us to it ( its quite difficult to explain where it is).  Terrance Coventry is an ex pig farmer who changed his life and took up sculpture. We saw a lot of his work and there are currently exhibitions of some of his work all over the country.   We felt very privileged to be able to amble through 3 fields of his sculptures.

Although not sculpture I did get inspired to produce my own 3D work, especially at Cape cornwall with all the fabulous rocks and seaweed.  Cape Cornwall is one of those spots that just draws us back again and again,  there is nothing better than sitting watching the sea from Priests Cove with a big hearty Cornish Pasty.  We met a fab guy who showed us some Choughs, something I hadn't been able to spot before, he also was a fountain of knowledge about local tides, currents and wildlife. And had the best hangover cure ever ,  swimming in the freezing cold sea the morning after!!  He may also be able to help me out with a place to paint next summer,  which could be exciting so I will keep in touch.

I did some painting when away.  I don't think I produced anything brilliant but I am happy that I did do some work that maybe I can use for sketches to work from in the studio.  I shall have a closer look today and decide their futures.

This was the view from the decking where we stayed 

Coverack from the conservatory window

Coverack beach from memory after a long walk and finding a star fish

Poldu Beach

Painted from  Cape Cornwall above Priest Cove

Coverack from the cottage window

Coverack from the cottage window

St Michaels Mount from Marazion beach

Coverack early morning from the cottage window

Bits from the beach

The strange thing about holidays is that it makes you think about things,  we spent a lot of time just walking and watching the sea and ultimately talking to each other,  something we never really get time for at home.  You know those deep meaningful conversations you put of in ordinary life.  Its amazing even after 32 years of marriage what you learn about each other and what our priorities have now become, as our children have left home. I think we must be having a mis life crisis because we have come home with a renewed determination to spend more quality time together and to not keep doing thing we don't LOVE doing.  So maybe change is in the air, or maybe a couple of weeks back to 'normal' routines will just get slip back into our old rut,  who knows!

Catch you soon

Janice x
P.S   Just remembered,  The student exhibition raised a wonderful £144 for the RNLI