Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Studio Day One

So today I opened , I had a good morning, I had to price everything up and just get myself sorted, and of course there was the compulsory cups of tea.
At one stage there was a load noise outside my window and there were these herberts splashing around outside and having a good wash, lovely to watch and inspiration for a painting I think.

There wasn't many people coming in and I started to notice that people were peeping in from outside but not venturing in. I had a little look around and realised that the other studios, had signs outside telling people they were open, so I decided I needed to make one.

Here is my quick make, I will try and get a big board and paint it up soon, as a more permanent replacement.
I managed to waste most of the morning and had a few people coming in to chat to. I made a bit of a discovery that I will watch over the next weeks, to see if I am right. I think if I chatted to much to people when they first came in, they finished the conversation and then just left without really looking at the work. Whereas if I just said hello as they entered and got on with my work, they looked for longer and I still could chat as they were leaving. They not only stayed a bit longer but also gave me comments. I had one lady tell me the work was beautiful and another who loved a particular piece, you never know she my come back for it. No sales but that's fine and hopefully it will build.
So this afternoon I was running out of time So I just painted the 2 aceos you see below. Plus another one that I need to photograph a bit better.

Pat next door who is a clock repairer and has some wonderful restored Teasmades, is nice, helpful and very welcoming. Also the potter lady was also very nice when I met her briefly.

I am loving being there and I just hope I can make it work so I can stay for a very long time to come.


  1. Good luck! I hope everything works out with the studio for you and you start to get some sales soon!

  2. hey gorgeous, good luck with your new venture....the body count will soon start picking up....when seeing your "new" open sign, a nice potted shrub would look lovely next to the bench...just a thought ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Hey gorgeous, you are right of course and I will add it to my list of thing to get xx

  4. Looks great!!You are right of course that you need to promote to get people in! I would definitely not walk past - looks great :o)

    Dottie x

  5. The bench looks lovely with the bright cushions.

    I agree, promotion is so so important and if the Centre doesn't do a lot of promotion then self promotion is the way to go.

    Jan x