Monday, August 29, 2011

Bank holiday at the studio

Bank Holiday Monday was a funny day, very quite first thing but gradually built and we had a steady stream of visitors. There was a lot of large family groups, and all they seemed interesting in was chatting to each other. I think they were just after a nice day out with friends and family and so not interested in buying. I suppose it was good that lots of people saw my work, and they picked up cards and flyers, so may be more interested in the future. I had been warned it was never a good day.

I spent a lot of today sorting things out, the wall looks good after my repair yesterday, so I had a re-arrange and put all my junk away and the duck back on his perch. I also put up the bunting we had for our Anniversary party, I am please with how it is looking now.

I started working today on a commission I have been given, I have never done beach huts before. I know there is a problem with angles on the yellow hut in the fore front, but I can put that right tomorrow. It really hard to know what the customer expects when the only brief was beach huts? It may end on the wall yet.

I am starting to really enjoy the people watching aspect of working, while people look at my work. I am constantly amazed that in such a small space' that people think I can;t hear them when they whisper to each other. I had a lady tell a young girls she was with that, she should go home and copy and idea of mine, I also loved it when a man whispered to his wife to look at what I was doing, but not to let me see she was looking, incase they she put me off. And I also had one lady suddenly turn to me and say "How much money do you make?" I just said "enough" and went back to my painting, what a strange thing to say to a compete stranger! Generally people are lovely and positive, I do get people just nip and and then straight out again, but I know it wont be to everyones taste so thats fine.

I bought some chicken eggs today as well can't be bad, free range eggs at work!

And all the people who since my last blog have offered to swop or take Mr WD off my hands, thanks for the offers, but I think I will keep him.


  1. I found your blog through the Folksy forums and I think your gallery is looking lovely :) I like the beach hut painting too!

  2. I've just done a big catch up of your studio blog, Janice and what a fantastic read it is!

    I'm just loving the progress reports and photos and I'm revelling in it all with you. It would be my dream to do this too, but living vicariously through you is such fun in the meantime.

    The studio looks amazing both inside and out. I LOVE the new sideboard - it looks absolutely perfect there. I would have fallen in love with that if I'd seen it in a shop and made a big fuss because I have nowhere to put it in our house.

    Your latest paintings are fabby too. Pebbles, ducks and water are obviously what you were born to paint and you've found exactly the right place to do it.

    More power to you and I send all my best wishes that you go from strength to strength.

    x x x

  3. The studio is looking really good! The beach hut pic is lovely, the subtle colours and detail work really well giving them that kind of sun-bleached look.

    Keep up the good work :)

  4. Hi Janice, your studio is looking fab! I love people-watching too:)I bet you'll be able to write a book soon of everyone's comments! Love the beach huts by the way. Vic x

  5. Thankyou all so much it means a lot to me that you are all with me on this mad journey x

  6. Your studio looks fab. Good luck to you in the future and I hope you get many many sales cos your work is beautiful.