Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exciting new project

I am all excited..... I had an idea!! Haha it really doesn't happen that often!!!!

Any way you are all asking what this eureka moment might be! Its not going to change your life but it might actually help me get one!

I am going to start a project. In a sense I have already have. In painting my ACEOs recently I have been drawing on my local knowledge of the area and painted some local sights, like the ones you see here, there is the inland beach lighthouse at Burnham on Sea, Clifton suspension Bridge and the Somerset levels. This got me thinking that we live in a stunningly beautiful area, with such variety, sea countryside, city and villages. So I want to document this in my paintings.
Not that dramatic you say, but for me it solves a lot of my problems.

It channels my creativity in a positive and hopefully productive way.
Both me and Mr WD have been talking about how we just don't go and about enough and we both want to be more active. So we can go on little trips that don't demand going to far have nice walks and I can sketch and get ideas for paintings.

But it also get my lovely husband taking photos , this is something I have been trying to do for sometime. He loves taking photos and I think he is a good photographer ....he doesn't agree.
I want him to explore his photography far more.
He thinks he's not a creative person but I hoping he will see in the results that he is.
I have just persuaded him to put a few photos on flickr a , check out my favourite one here

I sort of have in my head that if I manage to get some good results from my paintings I may try and organise a little local exhibition in about a years time, so its not that I am rushing myself but giving myself time to explore and see if this idea might go some where.

I am excited about the prospect and now am itching to get started. I may even start in my lunch time at work tomorrow to get some city skyline sketches done........

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Falling into the same old trap...

Do you find you always keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Well perhaps its just me!!!
I am enjoying painting again, I don't mean a little bit I mean REALLY enjoying it, I started with the ACEOs and I did really well. I wasn't interested in selling I just loved doing them. Then I painted bigger and wow, I can't get enough of splashing the paint around and experimenting, not always successful, but then thats the point isn't it! Isn't it????
They started to sell and very well too and here I am so desperate to get out of my dead end boring rut of a job, I started to think this was it, I could push and realise my life long ambition and work for myself. So the last few weeks I keep churning the little ACEOs out and keep listing them, whether I am happy with them or not, craving the next sale and the next...
Then these last couple of days it hit me, this is not what I want, where's the joy of that! If I carried on promoting and selling and just making them to make money that then just makes another boring dead end job and a few months down the line I will be looking for something new, as always in my head the grass will be greener, elsewhere! This is always my problem, never being in the here and now, always trying to push into something that I think will be better, but it never is!
So what's the plan, well actually there isn't one. I have been an unsuccessful planner, so nows the time to change. However I do know I don't want to just churn any old rubbish out, just to make a bit of money. So from now on it wont get listed unless I think its good. I will continue experimenting and painting and try and take it where it wants to go instead of forcing it to go where I think it will make me the most profit. If it sells, brilliant, if not I will try not to care and just continue to try to stay in the here and now and love what I am doing.