Thursday, September 1, 2011

Studio -Good friends and Happy accidents

The ducks were sunning themselves all day . It was a glorious day, everyone kept coming in and telling me how lovely it was to get out of the sunshine, and into the coolness of my studio. Meanwhile I shivered with my cardigan on, but then thats what having a cold does for you, so I will keep this brief and then off to get some paracetamols, and an early night I think.

After feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday, I can't thank everyone enough who commented and e-mails. I do feel thoroughly ashamed of myself and incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, I guess I just want to make sure I do it justice.
I am always incredibly grateful for all the comments and e-mails I get , but I had one special e-mail today from someone I have never met, but who I have come to know online and I would call a very good friend. When her e-mail came it lifted my spirits and made me feel lucky to know such support and such lovely people. So thankyou, to all of you, it really does mean a lot x
This painting above is my happy accident, It all went terribly wrong. It was very bright and when I added bright blue in the background it looked hideous. So in a moment of frustration I washed it in the sink and then left it outside, in the sun to dry. I was expecting more colour to come out but what I actually got was this lovely bleaching effect , I then just added some details and there you go. Thats one of the reasons I love watercolours.

Heres my new card stand, I am well pleased with it.

Also my bags arrived and I finished transferring images onto them before I went to the studio this morning.

Anyway, I have rambled on more than I expected, so let see what tomorrow holds....less of a cold I hope


  1. Glad you're feeling more positive but sorry you're not well!

    Love the 'happy accident' it looks great and the blue background is perfect!

    Your card rack looks great and I'm really looking forward to receiving my card of the duck painting, it looks fab!:)

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Loving the bags as well. The turtles are great x

  3. Love the bags and the flower painting, its great when something that you think has gone wrong turns out to be great.

    Hope you are feeling better tomorrow *non germy hugs!*