Monday, September 26, 2011

Celebrations and self employed problems

What a strange week..............
Friday we had our open evening to celebrate 40 years of the centre being open.
I spent the evening painting this seascape and chatting to people. It was never going to be a selling occasion but people came and they were interested in what I was doing. I had fun.

We had the most of the mural finished. Damien Jeffery spray painted it and used leaves and flowers from around the studios to act as stencils. I believe he is going to add some ducks ( well they are always on the stream) I like it so far, I will photograph it again when it finished to show you the ducks.

Then the bombshell hit on Saturday. I woke up and walked into the wall. No I wasn't drunk, I wish I had been as I have been to the Dr's today to find out I have labyrinthitis ( vertigo) again. The last time it took weeks to clear so I am not happy as I was unable to work over the weekend as the nausea and dizziness was so bad I couldn't do anything and worst of all I am not allowed to drive ( and wouldn't want to ) until it settles down. .
So I am not a happy bunny and have now encountered what I have been told is the worst aspect of working for yourself. I just can't not go in, especially on Saturday as its my first workshop. So I am going to have to take the tablets and hope for the best that I can get through ....wish me luck I think I might need it.


  1. fingers crossed for the weekend for you x

  2. Oh dear, good luck. Better to move the workshop to another date than to do badly at it, people understand if you are ill. I have been fairly lucky and only had to cancel one class in about 8 years when I had the flu. Hope you feel better quickly, you have a few days to go, so rest up! Michele x

  3. Oh what a terrible thing to happen,you must be very upset.As its been said though,youve got a few days to recover.
    jean xx

  4. Oh no - I do hope you feel much more yourself soon. Take things easy xx

    The new painting and mural are looking great x

  5. I hope you will feel better by the weekend :)

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon - it's just a worry you don't need.

    Maybe see it as an opportunity to sit back and dream a little about what to make/do when you are better.

    Take care.


  7. Oh dear :( I hope you feel much better soon!