Friday, September 30, 2011

Ticking the hot day away

Wow is it really the last day in September? Not only has this year flown by, but the weather suggests it is still only July. I am thinking of breaking out my summer clothes again after thinking it was getting to cold to wear them again this year.

The ducks spent most of the day in the water or under the bushes trying to keep cool. I just sat in the sun as much as possible bliss.....

I finished the clock painting, I put it in a mount that was a bit small. I did think I would just get a bigger mount cut but then, I thought what if I paint out onto the mount? I was curios so gave it a go, I'm not sure about it but will live with it and see what the feedback, if any, is.

I am just about ready for my workshop so I will update you after the weekend as to how it all went.

Enjoy the sunshine

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