Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Windfalls, colours and cards

The lovely Jeff from Studio 1, brought me some windfall apples today he has given me some before and they are really yummy, really fluffy apples when they are cooked. I thought they looked lovely on my bench outside the studio. I love the textures on it , I have started photographing things there a lot. as I think it looks great.

I finished the beach scene today, I added more pebbles and hopefully that brings it to a better conclusion, The foreground was looking very bare.

Also I did my big sign outside the door to try and encourage people to come in. I am not sure its going to work as the first people who came past it, poked there head round the door and said "is it ok if we come in"?
Also there has been a bit of a joke from my neighbour who said, he was to frightened not to come, in as it looked like an order in the bright red! Perhaps it is a bit OTT and I may have to rethink... What do you think?

I also thought I had better start some prep for my first workshop on Saturday, I did some sample colour mix swatches to show them, if we get time we will do some, but I think its more likely we wont have time. I did my lesson plan, I happy I have enough to keep them interested. In the morning I will teach some basic mark making and tonal exercises. But by the time we move onto colour in the afternoon, we would probably be tight on time, so I think I would rather they went away with a reasonable 1st painting rather than just colour swatches. People can take ages to do them.
I did enjoy doing them, its been years since I have, they can be useful for beginners to work out colour mixing and are fun as well.

Then this afternoon, I got very excited as I had my new card delivery, the lovely Steve from my local printers delivered them. Its so quick I only ordered them on Thursday night .
I will list some on Folksy, but I don't think I will list this one ( below). It is Clevedon Pier and I am sure it will only appeal to people coming into the studio.
These are the others I had printed. I think they have come out really well.

....... finally here is my token Christmas card. Sorry I didn't want to get it printed to soon, but my printer was keen to get them done before he got snowed under with the christmas orders.


  1. If the sign makes people visit to see your fantastic work keep it I say :-)

    Love those cards very much, especially the one with the boat and the beach huts x

  2. Your cards look brilliant, well done, I love reading about the trials and tribulations at your studio - keep the sign too!!