Sunday, September 11, 2011

Studio - bad paintings and virtual fairs

I am going to show you something I wouldn't normally.
This is a painting that I just can't get to work. It was suppose to be an idea for a Christmas card, but its just not coming together, and I am not really sure why. I have spent a lot of time on it and it still looks wishy washy.
I am not however going to throw it away Its something I try never to do, as I know I will go back to it, at a much later date and either know what to do or put it away again, until another time.

I have been busy online this week as just because I have the studio now, I think its important to keep as many revenue streams going , especially with the winter coming as I think people will be reluctant to come out to the centre in the rain and snow. So I have signed up for a virtual stall for the brilliant Craftfest on Creative connections. Hopefully you can click on the link below and it will take you there. I will remind you nearer the time.

I have my first private lesson today. It was a daft day for me to arrange it, but I think if they want to continue I will have to find a better day as Sunday afternoon seems to be the best day a the centre for visitors. However saying that, then Wednesday was my best day ever for sales.

I had a shock as well yesterday as we sold all 4 of our Halloween decorations. I really didn't think they would do well at all, but there you go, it was obviously worth trying.

The workshops are not booking up as quick as I had hoped but I really need to get on and do some decent advertising, so I think thats what I will concentrate on over my 2 days off.


  1. Good luck with the picture. I'm sure you'll find inspiration to complete it at some point. I'm the same, with bits of wire all over my desk that stay half completed for ages, then suddenly a stone or another piece of wire suddenly makes me realise what I want to do with it! And well done with the sales! Rgds Nicky

  2. I'm sure that in time, you'll turn that into an amazing painting!

    Good luck with all your undertakings, and hope your workshops get booked up soon!:)

  3. Don't worry about the painting, often things just don't work. I like to cut mine up for collage/cards/tags, they can usually make something much better if you chop them about.

    After years of balancing classes I now do my regular large class saturday mornings, and my private students saturday afternoons. This might not work for you if you are open as a gallery, but keeping it all on the same day, or a couple of afternoons is a good idea, it helps to organise your week. Michele x

  4. Michele thanks, hadn't really thought of cutting them up for cards and tages.
    My initially workshops will be one offs but I am hoping to get regular groups going. Thanks for you help
    janice x