Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thankyou & Au Revoir

Just a quick post to thank a couple of people and let you know about my next project.

I wanted to say a huge thankyou to Jools from Art by Jools Yasities, for a lovely mention in the folksy blog interview she did I was really chuffed to say the least. Check it out here

Also to the lovely IvyDeanDesigns who has been such a support and encouraged me to take part in the sketchbook project.
This is my next project, I enrolled the other day so am now waiting for my sketchbook to arrive so I can get working. I am hoping to do this in between paintings at my studio.
I picked the theme "Travel with me'.
I have no intension of going on a world wide trip to research this,( mores the pity), but to sketch my day to day travels, even if it is just a walk round my garden or the craft centre, more like a visual diary of some of my daily movements. So wish me a good trip

I am alsotrying to sort out a few bits and pieces for my first workshop. I am doing my lesson plan and them I will know if I have everything I need fort he day.

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  1. It was absolutely my pleasure to give you a mention in the interview, Janice. You know I've found you to be an inspiration and a support in my endeavors :-)

    I also would love to take part in the sketchbook project, it's a simply brilliant institution. I've given it a lot of thought and decided that this year I won't have time to do it. As it is I'm grabbing every spare moment I get and doing the work I have on the go, so I just know I'd never fit in that extra stuff. Hopefully next year I'll be in a new set of circumstances and able to join you all. The very best of luck to you with yours - I hope you enjoy the process and find it hugely beneficial (as I'm sure you will!).