Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chickens water and signs

This is my new friend he let me get this real close up of him, to take a picture, I may paint him sometime as he is so sweet.

I have been busier in the studio the last two weeks, it has been much better than August. Mornings are very slow generally, but thats when I catch up on all the gossip and get the majority of work done, the afternoons tend to have more interruptions with customers coming in people just wanting to chat. The people that are coming in now are much more interested in the work and so are buying more things, even if its only a card or two. I have had some bigger sales and lots of interesting converstions. It shows in the figures as well, as in the last 2 weeks I have taken the same that I did in the whole of last month.

The painting in my last blog got framed and put up this morning. I am pleased with it and it has got me thinking about water again I like painting water :-) I decided to try and do a much bigger piece , this is it in progress and hopefully it is starting to look a bit like a wave.
I spent the last hour of the day trying to decide what to do next with it, I suddenly felt if I touched it I would ruin it, I will go back to it tomorrow in the hope that I know what to do with it...wish me luck.

Because I am now totally concentrating on my art work, with few, or no breaks then I get so involved, I am starting to obsess a bit about it. Sometimes I get so engrossed, especially if I have my music on ( headphones), then I don't notice people coming in. Is this a good or a bad thing , do you think?

I am going to have to get a different sign outside. I can hear conversations outside and quite often people hear people say, "Oh its only paintings" and then walk by. So I want to get a sign that just says "studio open, Please come in" and hopefully then they will just come in and then judge whether they are interested or not then. I don't mind people not buying but I'd wish they would at least come in and look. Some people ask permission as well and I worry that they think they shouldn't disturb me. I also think it would be good to put dates of my workshops on the back so that as people walk back the other way they can see what I have organised. I just need to find the right sign now.

I have put together an events sheet for the whole centre. The others don't have that much but I am seeing how it goes for a while as I would like people to leave with an idea of what is happening to try and encourage them to come back more often.

I am looking forward to opening on Friday night for our 40th anniversary celebrations, I haven't opened in an evening before. Damien Jeffery has started painting the new mural an its looking really good. It will be interesting to see how many people turn up. and what it will be like.

The rain has been heavy the last couple of days and it has filled up my pond at the back, it looked so beautiful this morning with the reflections on it. I just can't get a good picture through my window, at least all the ducks are happy. I can' tell you how happy I am here. I am not saying its easy, it's not, there is a lot of work involved and but I am reminded of a saying I heard once .............

If you do a job you love
you never do a days work


  1. for half a moment i though you were going to paint the chicken, i mean really paint the chicken! i wasn't convinced the chicken would like being blue or pink, then again it might.
    the wave is beautiful by the way. x

  2. I don't know I think he would rather like being a cool shade of fushia, do you think that would mean you would get pink that would be cool

  3. I have to say that "please come in" actually WOULD make me come in. I am naturally nosy and being invited to have a look around while the artist is at work would be irresistible. So, yeah, good plan!
    And that chicken needs to be painted. I mean, you need to make a painting of a chicken... ach, you know what I mean. I am still marvelling at that beautiful ACEO you were so generous to give me alongside the larger painting for my Mum and I figure you should give the whole bird thing a good go ;)