Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waves and the Sketchbook project

I have been trying to decide whether to participate in the Sketchbook project I love the idea and I would have the time in my studio, it may even help me during those times in between the larger paintings, when I don't know what to do. But its the $25 thats holding me back.
I am getting very mean with my money since I have been in the studio. even though things are going well it will be a while before I make anything remotely like an living, so we are relying on our savings to get us through until I can get some decent money coming it.
I still may apply to do it, I have till the end of Octpber, Mr WD has told me to go for it, I just feel slightly guilty as I am putting us under financial pressure but doing this. Also the more I save the longer I can stay here, until I make it work for me. I would be gutted now to have to leave and go back to a 'proper' job.

I finished my wave painting today.

I found a great frame in a charity shop to put it in. I wont be able to list this online as I do my other works as you can see from the framed version, it is quite large and so wont post very well.
I am hoping it will be a bit if a center piece for the open evening tomorrow night to celebrate 40years of the centre having been open.


  1. love the painting :) looks great!


  2. you have a wonderful Mister who does have a valid point. Go for it. You are lucky enough not only to have savings, but also some mad skills and serious talent, and 25 bucks are not much compared to the gain. Hey, what do you want your headstone to say... "left us a lot of money"...? Follow your dream, Janice, and listen to that wonderful Mister of yours.