Sunday, September 4, 2011

What is it with Saturdays

I know I have only been here a month but I am convinced Saturdays are the worst day of the week. I sat until 12:00 with no visitors and then I had some personal visitors. Which was lovely but what is it about Saturdays that makes it so dead for the majority of people. I had always assumed it would be one of my busiest days. How bizarre!! I did get a few in the afternoon but nothing to write home about, still at least I get lots of uninterrupted work time.

My new cards have dominated the last few days. I have added a pack of all four cards to my Folksy shop with a discount for buying four at a time, so I'm hoping that will encourage people to buy , check it out here

I also had a e-mail from the lovely Brenda, saying she thought people still liked to rummage through cards in a basket, and I think she's right as not may people have looked at the card stand other than a quick glance, so I put it on a table outside, and kept a basket with some inside, which I think worked well. As there were so few people around today then I will have to see if it really works over the next few days. Of course its no good if its raining or blowing a Gale.

I started another christmassy themed picture, but its not really working for me, I will see how it goes when I work on it again on Sunday.

I also got my new workshop dates confirmed today, so my beginners workshop will be on Sat 1st October and the improvers will be the 29th. They are starting to book up a bit now so that all good news.


  1. Purchased a set of your cards and I'm looking forward to receiving them. Putting your art on cards is a great idea. I'll have to keep an eye out for your Xmas ones

  2. Thanks Seajay, they are on their way x