Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swan song!!

I am going to continue to bore the pants off you about swans!!! I know 3 blogs its been swans, swans, and more swans, but with all the looking I became inspired and at last I finished making a swan of my own. Its been in progress for a while but I didn't quite feel I got it right. I am still not sure but at least I am reasonably happy with this one. I have image in my head for another piece so I must get on, get a sketch book going and get it sorted. As I am a bit of a sucker for hearts, then I thought I would do a heart of 2 swan necking,..... You will have to wait and see if I actually succeed, in the mean time, here is my current swan, and I promise I will stopped ranting on about blessed swans, well for at least a week anyway!!!!! x


  1. you're obsessed!! ha ha. That is lovely! I like the wings particularly- gorgeous detailing. x

  2. thanks I am obsessed, but will move on soon and become obsessed with something else, i am so fickle

  3. This is lovely, is it silver, or silver clay? Anyway it looks really interesting. Nothing wrong with a little obsession if you can use it creatively. :)