Monday, February 8, 2010

Special Boxes

I bought a iphone, I know how sad that makes me, because while some of my fellow folksters are worried about the amount of time they spend on the web, I am getting more addicted. I have a new blog and I am learning to twitter, so the phone will allow me to monitor my virtual world more while in my boring day job.

So I get home my new gadget and guess what? ... I am like a four year old with a toy, not because of the phone but because of the BOX it came in!!!!!!! Those clever people at Apple have done it again, everything I have every bought from them has been perfectly packaged. As much design work goes into producing clever ways of packaging as it does into the latest gadget. Its clean and clever, accommodating all the bits and pieces that go with such a gadgety phone.

It always been a bit of a family joke that I'm more interested in the paper and packaging than the present. Years ago I was lucky enough to received a tiffany necklace. My husband had to go to new York on work and even though we didn't have much money at the time, he bought me a tiffany heart. He kept it for months and then gave it me for Christmas.
I cried, when he bought out the bag It was beautiful and that aqua blue is still one of my favourite colours, just look at my Folksy shop!!!!

Inside the bag was the most beautiful little blue box tied with white ribbon, I was shaking when I took it out. I was almost to frightened to open it.

But when I did what a surprise!! Inside was a perfect little suede pouch in matching blue. I nearly wet myself with excitement. The thing is I still have the necklace and I wear it all the time, and I still have the box and packaging . The necklace is special and I love it but its the packaging that brings back the

So Why is this important at the moment and why am I digging out old boxes? I have been thinking about how to package my new silver jewellery. I have been selling jewellery for a while, but now I am working in silver, and I really want it to be a special experience when someone opens one of my pieces, The sort of reaction I got from my tiffany necklace, I am asking myself why this was so special. I think the colour is extraordinary, and works well with silver, and the bag, box and pouch are all beautfully made, but what I really think made it sooooo special was the anticipation. So now I am off to look for the perfect packaging for my jewellery, and to build anticipation into the design, wish me luck as I think this may be a long job.


  1. Ooh, I love packaging too! I received a Tiffany gift once (just once). There's something about the colour isn't there? So exciting! Vic x

  2. I'm alsoa sucker for packaging. Finding the right packaging for your jewellery is really hard. I always use the best box I can afford (Alpah packaging are good) and wrap it in really good quality ribbond and tehn use tissue paper to wrap the box up too when posting out. I finish it with a little mini moo thank you card and everyone says it looks nice.

  3. Never had any tiffany (yet!) but I love packagine, especially innovative or unusual ones. I really want to develop an origami style line of packaging for my products, but it's time consuming making it all by hand!

  4. The Tiffany packaging is a lovely colour, I can see why you kept it :-)

    A couple of Christmases ago, my eldest son wanted a few star wars lego helmets - tiny things, quite expensive! To make it look better, I made a little box out of Basic Grey scrapbooking paper. I was so pleased with it, I barely gave him time to open it, before I stole it back!

    Good luck finding the perfect packaging.

  5. I agree ... carefully working through beautiful packaging is half the fun of having something new!