Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home sweet home

I have just sat and watched 'Relocation, Relocation' and apart from thinking how fussy the people on it were, then I started to think how important my home is.

I love my house, no period cottage for me! I love new builds. My house is 10 years old and we have been here 6 of those, if I didn't love it so much I would be tempted to move now as its getting a bit old and needs work doing, which are my usual reasons for moving.

What I love is the mix of living on an estate, being only a couple of miles from the beach and the countryside, and having a garden that no one really overlooks, that is if you don't count on all the people on the trains, passing by on the railway line a few hundred yards from the back of the garden - really no good for the house hunters tonight on Relocation Relocation who wanted total quiet, our house really can shake when the goods trains pass by!!!!!!!!!!!

For us its perfect, we sit in our garden on a nice summers Sunday morning and wait for the steam train to Dartmouth to go past the back of our house.
We have our own vegetable patch in our larger than average garden - courtesy of the railway line and a fishing pond and nice walks within 5 minutes of our front door. It does have one draw back, my dream master bedroom is actually just big enough to walk around with a double bed in, but as Kirsty says we compromised, we spend so little time in the bedroom compared to the rest of the house it only annoys for a small amount of time. Of course it would help if our lovely dog Welly didn't sleep on the floor at the bottom of the bed, and trip us up in the night .

In fact my house is so perfect it inspired a piece of jewellery.


  1. I watched that as well, they were fussy!... My ideal home would be a old ramshackle place on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere, with a big pot of money to do it up with, too! What we've got is an old ramshackle place in the middle of a village, with no money to do it up with! Kirsty's right ... have to compromise! We can dream though!

  2. Agreed, they were fussy! I always like to think I'm better off than many people in the world, even if my house is small!