Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beautiful Flowers

Having been nominated for the Sunshine award with is beautiful flower photo and with the sun shining on this spring Day( Is it spring yet?), then I thought I would talk about flowers!

It is Valentines day and I do have some beautiful roses in my house. But they are not a Valentines gift, they were from Mr Wellydog last week. They are just starting to fade but are still very beautiful. I only wish they smelt like the old english roses I have in my garden. I love the David Austin roses and over the last few years I have started to fill the garden with them. They smell amazing and they remind me of when I was a child and we used to collect rose petals in the garden to make perfume. We would put them in a small jam jar, add water and leave. It was not always altogether pleasant, especially if you forgot about it and left it a week or two!!! But it was heavenly when the petals were first picked. Whoever was it that decided that they should now produce cut roses without scent????

I generally just love flowers in the house. Mr WD knows there are 2 things guaranteed to make me smile, one is watching swans fly (maybe a blog of the future) and the other is him giving me flowers. He is quite good at bringing them for me but that doesn't mean I don't buy them myself, I recently had tulips in the front room, as when I was in the supermarket they just jumped into my trolley and begged to be taken home.

As my jewellery designs develops I am hoping to incorporate more flower designs,
at the moment the only designs I have, are moulded or textures from a glass buttons and buckles that were in my Button box, ( see my previous blog Buttons and Buckles). In the future I would love to make a silver rose , I will have to wait for the time being for my new supplies to arrive before I can experiment.

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  1. I love those flower earrings. They are gorgeous. I'm having a flower themed swap on my blog if you fancy it??