Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Memories of mexico

Holidays are high in my mind at the moment, not only am I using my previous holidays to inspire my craft work but I am looking at where I can go this year, Me and my OH have been looking at various places, Greece, Kenya, Bali and Thailand, but can't make any decision. To much choice and not enough money. I really want a quiet peaceful time but love looking at the culture and the art and design work of where I visit. On a trip to Mexico I loved all the bright colours and of course the fantastic historical sites, This is my next plan to try and work a piece of jewellery based on Chitchen Itza. I promised I wouldn't buy any more silver clay until I sold some work, but thanks to an idea by Gelert designs on Folksy then I can make so practice runs and perhaps mould them ready for future use. Take a look at his shop its brilliant.
Folksy for those of you that don't know is an online shop for people selling handmade good, I have loved being on it and has been a brilliant experience, the forums are great for information and the people very friendly and generous with their knowledge.

Take a look at some Mexico photos and think where you would design with this as inspiration.

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