Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sewing jewellery

Recently we had a family get together to celebrate my sisters 50th Birthday. It was a lovely occasion and we all had a huge delicious meal.

Her daughter , my niece, made a fantastic cake for the occasion and in homage to the beautiful needle craft produced by her mum, who is a brilliant textile artist, she incorporated a cross stitch pattern on the cake. We were all stuffed from the meal but of course managed to squeeze some cake in!!!!!!

With the taste of the cake fresh in my mind, I came home and worked on a piece I had been thinking about for sometime. I wanted to stitch wire into silver. I had not been able to think about how this could be done but somehow seeing the cake had made something click and I just knew!! I think I had tried to over complicate the idea and seeing the simplicity of design on the cake that was so effective, made me look for a simple solution.

I decided to only make a tiny piece to see if it would work in principle, as the PMC I work in is fairly expensive to make a huge mistake in. But I am really pleased with how delicate it looks and I think bigger pendants probably wouldn't work quite so well.

Isn't it amazing where inspiration comes from!!!!

Check this link to see this piece in my Folksy shop .................... Sewn Heart

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